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Britain Surges Ahead Of The US In Job Creation

This is said in this article in The Sunday Times.

The truth and the actual figures should be revealed later in the week.

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Wheelchairs On The Emirates Air-Line

I’ve already commented about bicycles on the Emirates Air-Line, but today there were a few wheelchairs. One is shown here.

Wheelchairs On The Emirates Air-Line

Obviously they can cope well, as the cable-car has lifts and wide cabins.

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The Daily Telegraph Says Start Sharing

This article in the Daily Telegraph should be read by everyone.

It outlines various Internet-based sharing schemes for cars, money and even land.

It says this about Zopa and its ilk.

When your budget is tight, lending money to strangers might seem crazy, but a rising number of savers and borrowers are going online to cut out the high street banks.

Better still, while interest rates stand at a historic low, DIY bankers who advance loans online at “peer-to-peer” lending websites such can earn an average return of 5.4pc a year.

We live in interesting times.

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Is The Popularity Of The Emirates Air-Line Falling?

The Emirates Air-Line wasn’t as busy as I’ve seen it, but for a rather dim Sunday in October, it was doing brisk business. There was a big queue to get on. And this despite the fact that there was no DLRb to the northern terminal!

Is The Popularity Of The Emirates Air-Line Falling?

On the other hand, some critics are being very gloomy about the cable-car’s future.

I think it’s going to be fine, especially as the charges seem to have been updated with a sort of cash-back scheme for frequent flyers.

But then politicians will always play silly games.

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The Crossrail Tunneling Site At Limmo Is Ready To Go

I took this picture today from the Emirates Air-Line and it shows the CrossRail tunneling site on the Limmo Peninsular by Canning Town station.

The Crossrail Tunneling Site At Limmo Is Ready To Go

You can see the two tunnel boring machines; Elizabeth and Victoria under the cranes, with in the foreground the jetty which will be used to transport the spoil to Wallasea Island.

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Canning Town To The Emirates Air Line

I then walked from Canning Town station to the Emirates Air Line.

There really isn’t much to see and you can’t really get a good view of the CrossRail site and the tunnel boring machines.

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Elizabeth and Victoria From Canning Town Station

I did my usual circuit today over the Emirates Air-Line and took these pictures of the twin tunnel boring machines (TBMs) from the upper-level platforms at Canning Town station.

If you want to get a good view, you haven’t much time left before they disappear underground.

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The Remains Of The Old Kings Cross Station

Last night, as I arrived from Hull, to get to the buses and the Underground, I walked through the remains of that masterpiece of 1970s crap architecture, the retail extension to Kings Cross station.

It looks even sadder now, as it awaits demolition. Will anybody miss it?

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First Class Gluten-Free Food

I was travelling First Class both ways on my trip to Yorkshire yesterday.

Going up to York, I used East Coast Trains and although I got coffee, there was nothing else I could eat that was gluten-free.  But it didn’t matter as I was going to see friends for lunch.

In some ways I often feel cheated in First Class, as others get all sorts of goodies and I get nothing.  It’s usually worse at the weekend, as all that is available is sandwiches.

Coming back from Hull on Hull Trains, I effectively told the steward I was gluten-free by declining the biscuit with the coffee.  So when it came to selecting the complimentary meal, she apologised and thought, they might not have anything suitable. But she did say they had one chilli left.

Now my chilli con carnes and many I’ve had in pubs and restaurants have been gluten-free! So I suggest that she checked and she returned a minute or so later with the packet and a big smile on her face.

Gluten-Free Chili On Hull Trains

The pouch said the food was suitable for coeliacs and I gave it a go. There’s more details on the food here.

Chilli With Tortilla

Unfortunately, the tortilla crisps weren’t marked and I just chanced a couple.

The meal was excellent and I got no adverse reaction at all. So my gut liked it too! Perhaps, I should have had more of the crisps.

The steward then got the bit between her teeth and checked all the other things they served including the chocolate. Admittedly, First Class was by no means full.

After all coeliacs may not be that numerous, but statistics show that about one in a hundred of the UK population may have the disease.

The steward had certainly remembered the two things you don’t lose in any form of customer service; enthusiasm and your temper.

It was an enjoyable and enlightening journey after a bad day at the football.

So well done to Hull Trains and their staff! And especially to Steph!

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Hot Coffee With Cold Milk

I had coffee coming home and it was served hot with cold milk.

Hot Coffee With Cold Milk

I only know one person, who is specific about having their coffee like that and like the train, she has connections to Hull, as she was born and grew up there.

Perhaps it’s a Hullensian thing.

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