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How To Unfollow This Blog

I’ve put this post in the blog, as someone wanted to unsubscribe. Or unfollow in WordPress terminology.

Firstly, if you subscribed to the blog, you are the only one who can unsubscribe, as that is one of the rules WordPress sets down. I can’t do it.

They do offer advice on how to unsubscribe in their forums.

Go here.

I’ve found the simplest way to unsubscribe is to login to WordPress and open any post in the blog from which you want to unsubscribe.

You should see a toolbar with the name of the blog followed by Following at the top of the web page. If you put your mouse over Following it should change to Unfollow.  Just click Unfollow to unsubscribe from the blog.

Let me know if you have any problems and feel free to comment here.

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Rat Poison And Sprouts Don’t Mix

This cautionary tale about mixing brussels sprouts with anti-coagulant drugs, like Warfarin, should be noted.

The trouble is that I like my sprouts, so I’ll go easy on them over Christmas.

I think though, I’ll do a before and after INR test.

I feel a bit of scientific research coming on!

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Football On Christmas Day

Danny Baker on his program today, asked if anybody had been into a football ground on Christmas Day.

I phoned up and said that I’d been to a match at White Hart Lane on Christmas Day morning.  Danny was rather sceptical, to say the least!

I remember that we went to do an hour or so’s work in my father’s print works, as he was rather a workaholic to say the least.  We then drove to the ground from Wood Green. I’m not certain, who we played, but it was somewhere in the mid-1950s and it could have been Luton Town.

We then went home for a late Christmas lunch.

I did find a bit of history about Christmas Day football here.

One thing that they must have had in those days was a decent public transport system over the holidays. And ASLEF wouldn’t have been on strike.


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