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Delay In Getting Funds Into Zopa

On Monday, I initiated a transfer of £2000 into Zopa from my bank account.

It arrived today, so it took three days, all because that is the speed of our banking system.

Surely, they can do better, after all the pain they’ve put the world through over the last few years.

But then they wouldn’t be able to lend that money overnight at good rates!

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It was so cold today, that I joked to one of the driver/conductors on the 38 bus, that they were outsourcing them with Eskimos.

But seriously, on The One Show tonight, a doctor said that Eskimos shake their hands to keep them warm. I shall be trying it, if this weather persists.

I have heard from my friend in The Netherlands, that it could be as low as -13°C in Rotterdam with quite a bit of snow on the ground.

Hopefully, it won’t get that cold here tonight.

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The Arches Underneath

I had gone to London Fields station to find the E5 Bakehouse, that delivers bread to the pub next door. I hadn’t expected this line of railway arches, that had been creatively turned into small business units.

The E5 Bakehouse has a rather good cafe and I had an excellent cup of tea before moving on.  There was no gluten-free bread or cakes, but there was at the Happy Kitchen.

I bought a cake for later and it was certainly worth the couple of pounds I paid for it. They said it was a bit stale and that they would have some new ones tomorrow, which they were baking for their stall in Broadway Market.

My one problem with the cake, was that if this was a stale one, just how good is a freshly-baked one? I shall go and get another in a few days.

As I look back on my visit to this immaculate row of railway arches, I can imagine C, my late wife, swooning over that bread in the bakehouse and I was almost feeling resentful at being a coeliac.  But then I did have that glorious cake!

Good luck to all, who try to run a business in these difficult times! And especially those, in a small niche market like gluten and everything else free  cakes. Except of course quality!


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A Dangerous Staircase

If people complain about the London Underground not being step free, they may be missing an easier target. This is the exit from London Fields station.

A Dangerous Staircase

A Dangerous Staircase

It is not as dangerous as some, but it is not what we expect in the twenty-first century.

London has plenty of stations like this and really needs to find an innovative solution to make them more accessible to all. I’ve flagged a few up in the past at places like Stoke Newington and White Hart Lane.

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Where’s The Building Gone?

The last time, I walked through here on my way to Liverpool Street station, I’m sure there was a building.

But it’s gone now to be replaced by a new 5 Broadgate, which replaces 4 and 6. Those buildings didn’t live as long as I have so far!

Note that it will be completed in 2015.  That shows what I think is a very tight timetable and probably some good project management.

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It’s Burgers Tonight!

After the horseburger scare, I thought I’d have burgers tonight.

It's Burgers Tonight!

It’s Burgers Tonight!

Those in Waitrose, had another pollutant in them; gluten. So as you can see, I got these next door in Marks and Spencer. Note the gluten-free label on the front of the packet where it should be.

Incidentally, I met a couple of ladies, who were buying burgers for their families’ suppers.  Perhaps the publicity had jogged their minds, that they hadn’t had them recently? But then we weren’t buying low-cost and/or low quality burgers.

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Revolutionary Technology

I took this picture of HMV at The Angel.

Revolutionary Technology

Revolutionary Technology

Note the banner.

Revolutionary Technology in-store now

I thought that was what they sold; records. CDs and DVDs that go round and round!

They just don’t seem to be very successful at it!

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Armchairs Outside St. Paul’s

As someone, who is getting on in years, I do like to see nice places to sit on the street.  These chairs were outside St. Paul’s Cathedral.

Armchairs Outside St. Paul's

Armchairs Outside St. Paul’s

I don’t think, I’ve ever seen single oak armchairs before. Sadly, it was so cold and miserable, I just walked on past.

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The Food Market At One New Change

One New Change is a shopping centre in the City of London. I walked past it yesterday and stumbled on their monthly food market.

The Food Market At One New Change

The Food Market At One New Change

This stall was selling, what looked to be a delicious paella, which was gluten-free of course. There are more details here on the centre’s web site. The next one is at 11 to 3 on the sixth of February.

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Not A Street For Coeliacs

The name of the road says it all.

Not A Street For Coeliacs

Not A Street For Coeliacs

Bread Street is the site of the ancient bread market.

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