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On My Way To Ulm

I had booked the sleeper to Paris from Munich at 22:50, so as a diversion during the afternoon, I went to Ulm. I had found a restaurant there on the Internet, that said it did gluten-free food, so the plan was to have an early supper and then return to Munich.

I made the mistake of taking a slow train, which took nearly three hours, when I could have done it in just over the hour.

A Fugger Express

A Fugger Express

As you can see it was called a Fugger Express, which sounds a bit rude to me. I didn’t like the train, as you sit rather high compared to a typical UK train, and when getting in and out of some of the seats, you can miss your footing. The generous European loading gauge may give advantages, but it might not make passenger entry and exit easy. To me, the low European platforms are not a good idea.

Low European Platforms

Low European Platforms

I don’t have too many problems, but on one station, there was a massive gap between the platform and the train and behind me was a three-year-old who jumped to get off.  If they’d missed, they could easily have fallen under the train.

The train also passed through the wonderfully named station of Kissing.

Kissing Station

Kissing Station

The next time though, I do this journey, I’ll take a faster train. There are lots of trains and Deutsche Bahn issue a very simple Munich-Ulm timetable detailing them all on virtually a double-sided piece of A5 paper.

The countryside is summed up by pictures like this.

Typical Bavarian Countryside

Typical Bavarian Countryside

Green fields and woodland, with the ocassional  church poking towards the sky.

But I do wish I’d taken a fast train.



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Buying Tissues In Germany

With all my walking in the cold around Munich, my nose was running like a drain. So I needed to get some more tissues!

But could I find any? No! So I asked in a pharmacy and they gave me some free ones.

FreeTissues In Germany

FreeTissues In Germany

In fact, there seemed to be a total lack of small shops in Germany, like the ones you get all over the UK.  So there would appear to be nowhere to buy chocolate, pre-packaged salads and tissues.

I must be going blind, in not spotting them! there doesn’t seem to be too many food shops in town centres either!

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Munich Olympic Park

I’ve been to several Olympic Parks and some like Montreal and Athens are not in the best of health. But Munich appears to be in use.

It is in my view one of the world’s most iconic sports stadia.

It is place full of tragedy and happiness.

I remember watching on television as the massacre at the Olympic village unfolded. Thankfully, no Olympics has seen anything like it since.

But there is a lesser tragedy entwined in the site and that is of one of Britain’s greatest ever athletes Lillian Board, who died in Munich of cancer, a couple of years before the 1972 Olympic Games. One of the paths on the site has been given her name. She was truly a multi-talented person, who represented her country at all distances up to a mile, and surely, she must be one of few people, who’ve received their MBE from the Queen, in a coat they’ve designed and made themselves.

Then there is the sadness and triumph in the medal tables on the honours board. Look at those of the women athletes and there is an awful lot of DDR and USSR. How many were clean?

But tucked in at the bottom is Mary Peters, who produced the performance of her life to win gold in the pentathlon. Of all the sporting events I’ve seen, both live and on television, her performance in Munich is in the top ten.

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Munich’s Information-Rich Buses

To get back from the English Garden, I used a bus.

They were on of the most information-rich buses I’ve ever seen.

As London buses do, they also give you a running commentary of the route.

The only thing they lack, is decent maps at the bus stops.

Note how they use real video displays, whereas British buses and trains use simpler displays using LEDs.

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Walking In The English Garden

In the morning, I took the U-Bahn and went for a walk in the English Garden and the streets and other parks that surround it.

The garden was originally designed by Sir Benjamin Thompson, one of the most unusual scientists and inventors of the late eighteenth century. He is also known as Count Rumford.

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Left Luggage Lockers In Germany

All of the stations, I visited in Germany had lots of left luggage lockers.

Left Luggage Lockers In Munich

Left Luggage Lockers In Munich

These in Munich, which easily took my small case cost just €3.00 for 72 hours.

i used them in both Munich and Nuremberg.

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The Excelsior Hotel In Munich

This hotel was very convenient for the station and was well worth a stay.

The staff were very helpful, wi-fi was complimentary and I was able to have a very good breakfast with proper tea.

I would certainly stay again.

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Gluten Free Pizza And Beer In Munich

I never thought, I’d be able to write a post with this title.

But I had the second memorable meal of the trip at Pizzesco.

The beer was one of the best gluten free beers I’ve ever had and is available from Beers of Europe.

The pizza was excellent too.

I have a feeling that this restaurant was working a rather informal payment method.  If you wanted another bottle of beer, you just seemed to get it out of the fridge and they then counted the empties for the bill.

I doubt that would work in the UK.

Incidentally, the Italian owner used to work with Dr. Schar and that could be why his pizzas were so good.

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And I Think I Had Problems!

I had now not eaten anything, except for the fruit salad and an EatNakd bar since lunchtime on Wednesday, over twenty four hours ago. It hadn’t been helped on the train from Nuremberg, as the well-upholstered fraulein, ate a supersize baguette stuffed with sausage.  So I booked into the Excelsior Hotel by the station and got connected to the wi-fi. I knew that usually good hotels can do a good gluten-free meal, if pushed. But this one probably couldn’t tonight, as they had a function on and cooking was limited.

But no matter, as I found this WordPress blog called Gluten Free In Munich.  And with a bit of help from one of the receptionists in traditional Bavarian costume, with her frontage in full sail, I was able to get directions to a gluten free restaurant.

But my problems were really quite small compared to those of this guy here.

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Starbucks Don’t Do Gluten-Free In Germany

One of my standbys in the UK is Starbucks, where at a pinch, you can usually get something that is gluten-free.


But not in Germany! The manager of this Starbucks in Munich, said they might be getting something later in the year.

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