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Getting To The Madejski Stadium At Reading Is Getting Easier

I last went to the Madejski stadium at Reading a couple of years ago and it wasn’t an easy journey!

But today’s trip was a lot easier.

As the new Metropolitan line station at Paddington s now almost complete, I go to Paddington using that line, by getting a bus to either Barbican, Kings Cross or Euston Square stations. It’s then just a matter of walking over the bridge to the requisite platform.

I got a train direct to the new Reading station  and then walked a couple of hundred metres to get one of the umpteen buses to the stadium.

The journey will probably get better, as the two stations are completed in a few years time.

Crossrail should also improve the journey, but I’m not sure how at present, as I’ll still have to do part of the journey by bus.

It’ll be interesting to see how I do this journey in a few years.

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You Don’t Have To Be Big

I went to Reading today to see Ipswich play.  We did lose 2-1, but Jay Tabb scored our goal.

He is not one of the tallest players being only 1.70 m., but judging by the reception he got from the fans at his old club; Reading,  he was popular with the fans.

In some ways he reminded me very much of Terry Dyson, who I saw play for Spurs many times in their famous double-winning side of 1960-61. Dyson was very much an irritant and got a lot of his success by being persistent and in the right place at the right time. Tabb seems to play in a similar vein. According to Wikipedia, the much more successful, Kevin Phillips is the same height, and he’s just signed to play in the Premier League at 40. Having met Kevin Keegan, I can attest that he’s not much taller than my 1.71 m.

Given the fact that the next batsman in line to play cricket for England; James Taylor, is only 1.68 m., do we sometimes put overdue emphasis on size?

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A Great Victorian Masterpiece Gets Exposed

St. George’s Hall in Liverpool is one of the UK’s greatest buildings. In 1969 the architectural historian Nikolaus Pevsner expressed his opinion that it is one of the finest neo-Grecian buildings in the world.

Until the 18th of August, it is a must-visit building, as they are exposing the magnificent Minton floor. It’s reported here on the BBC.

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Another Reason To Go Peer-To-Peer

The Times is reporting today that the Prudential Regulation Authority is going to compel banks to raise another £120 billion in equity over the next few years. Most of this will probably be raised from a whole collection of unsavoury characters ranging from Russian oligarchs to Arab sheikhs, whose biggest things in common other than the money, are being lucky in the first place and a general disregard for human rights and the real people of this world.

In five or so years tine, I wouldn’t bet on any major bank being UK-owned.

So peer-to-peer lending is starting to look even more attractive, as those behind their money, are the general populace of the Internet.  My only worry is that the Prudential Regulation Authority, tries to impose its excessive rules on peer-to-peer lenders.

What we also need now, is a company or organisation, that handles all of the payment functions of a bank.

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You Can Go And Do It Yourself

There is an article in the comic of the Times today about Jamal Edwards and he uses this phrase and they say it could be his motto.

I like it! And it could have been my motto!

My father always used to say that we’re all the same, sitting on the toilet and to never be afraid of approaching anyone.

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I’m Going To Follow David Cameron

On Wednesday, I seemed to get a bruise on my left wrist.

My Bruised Left Wrist

My Bruised Left Wrist

So I think, I’m going to follow David Cameron’s example and not where a watch. but then Sam Cameron doesn’t either and neither did my late wife.

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Crossrail Gets The PR Right Again

I have been following the difficult job that Crossrail are doing, where they are upgrading the Connaught Tunnel under the Royal Victoria Dock in East London. I even had a letter published in The Times about this important part of the line, after an opinion appeared in the paper, saying there were no women in senior positions.

Emma Duncan (Opinion, Feb 25) is wrong to assume that there are no women working in senior roles on the Crossrail project. Arguably one of the most difficult tunnelling jobs is the creation of a new tunnel out of the old Connaught Tunnel between and beneath the London Docks. The project manager in charge of this section is one Linda Miller (no relation).

So yesterday, I went down to see if I could see anything.

Digging For The Connaught Tunnel

Digging For The Connaught Tunnel

Not much, as you can see.

They are however, following their usual policy of good PR, by providing a free shuttle bus for pedestrians around the workings, which have blocked the pedestrian route across the docks to Pontoon Dock DLR station.

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