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London Buses May Go Cashless

According to reports like this one on the BBC, it looks like London buses may go cashless.

There have been a few comments that the usual suspects are against this, as it may hurt the poor and the vulnerable, but I don’t think it will create too many problems after the first few months, especially if publicity and the technology was cranked up a bit.

I do remember though, a conversation on a Manchester bus, with an off-duty driver and union representative.  He felt that their single-door buses where the low-life gathered around the driver and tried to steal his money were very inferior to two-door buses.  he would have loved a cashless system.

I’ve just done a small calculation.  There are six million riders on each weekday on London’s buses and working on a figure for today that one per cent of riders buy a ticket with cash, that means that 60,000 riders a day buy paper tickets. as there are 250 weekdays in a year, that means there are fifteen million tickets sold each year.

The cost of collecting the cash is given as £24 million a year, so it would almost appear that some of those without tickets could be issued with a free get-you-home ticket. Transport for London are saying they might bring in the Hong Kong system, where an expired card is good for one journey.

I do think though that if the decision was made to go cashless, as the no-cash day approached most people would do something about getting a ticket like Oyster.

i do suspect though that there will be a few objectors, who would not countenance any ticket like Oyster, that enabled them to be tracked,

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Will The Banks Actually Allow This?

It is being reported in the Telegraph, that the government is thinking about allowing peer-to-peer lenders to be funded by ISAs.

I suppose it will be very good news for those who invest in ISAs, but it will be bad news for banks, as they will be losing one of their ways of selling low-interest rubbish products to their customers. The only way, they could get a piece of the action, would be for a bank to get into bed with a peer-to-peer lender.  But the likes of Zopa and their peers, probably have enough financial friends to set up a way to sell ISAs and give the banks even more of a kicking.

After all, how many of those on the Dalston omnibus would trust a banker with anything but small change.

I suspect George Osborn is going to get an enormous amount of lobbying to stop this well-thought out scheme.

Hold tight George! Our savings are dependent on you not giving in to the wunch,

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An Explorer And His Cat

They had a news item on BBC London today about a statue to Matthew Flinders being erected at Euston, which is where he is buried.

I did know a bit about Flinders, but I was puzzled to see that he is being shown with a cat. This story on Wikipedia tells the tale of the cat, Trim.

There aren’t many cats, who have their own page on Wikipedia and even fewer who appear with their master (?) in statues.

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It’s Just Not Good Enough!

On Sunday morning, I heard a guy called the Casual Hopper on BBC Radio 5.  As he was raising money for a reputable cancer-related charity, I thought I might send him a donation.

So I logged in to his Just Giving page and donated, using my John Lewis Partnership card. I got an acknowledgement from Just Giving, as expected. However, a few minutes later, I got a message from them saying that the payment had been rejected.  Now as I’d just paid my credit card bill, I knew that I was some thousands of pounds below my credit card limit.

I then attempted to login to my Partnership card account and found the problem.  Their system was down and I couldn’t log in.

I have managed to login this morning, but there is no trace of the payment to the Casual Hopper.  In fact, there is no trace of any payments made by the account and I used the card twice yesterday in Sainsburys and Waitrose.

If we can use our cards on a 24-hour basis, surely we ought to be able to see the information in a likewise manner.

After all, if I missed a payment, they’d be on me like a ton of bricks.

It’s just not good enough!

Especially, as it’s caused grief and extra work to a whole series of people like the Casual Hopper, Just Giving and of course myself.

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