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Will Ipswich Keep David McGoldrick?

I’ve watched all of Ipswich Town’s competitive matches so far this season.

The performances have not been as good as everybody wants, but they have been entertaining and certainly a lot better than we have seen in recent seasons.

The star with five goals so far has been David McGoldrick. With many of the teams in the Premier League struggling to score goals, I would suspect that someone will come calling. I suspect it could be a difficult job to tell them to go away, so will Mick McCarthy use his Irish charm or Yorkshire plain-speaking.

In fact the one thing that we can make a real judgement on now, is McCarthy’s choice of players, as only time will tell how good the team turns out to be. In David McGoldrick, Christophe Berra, Cole Skuse, Paul Anderson, Anthony Wordsworth, Frank Nouble and Dean Gerken, I think he has made a good set of signings.  I won’t add Ryan Tunnicliffe, who is only on loan. But surely, Manchester United wouldn’t have loaned Ipswich such a good player, if he wasn’t going to benefit from his time with the club.

It’s definitely a case of so far so good! We’ll know more about how good this side is at the end of the week after the games at Derby and Sheffield Wednesday.


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Hundreds Of Sunflowers

On the forecourt at St. Pancras station, it was all happening this morning.

It’s an art installation, that will be opening on Tuesday.

I shall return!

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All The Fun Of The Fair

The fair in Kings Cross Square was going well, when I visited this morning.

Do we need more open spaces like this, to put on events? Of course!

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Bridget Jones Becomes A Wrinkled Widow

Several newspapers, like the Glasgow Herald here, are reporting that in the latest Bridget Jones Diary, the heroine has become a widow. The Herald’s headline is something that I know a lot of widows will disagree with.

Meet Bridget Jones at 51: a wrinkled widow who becomes a Twitter cougar

I’ve met quite a few widows and widowers older than than 51,who can’t be described as the least bit wrinkled. In fact, I have to go a good bit past 51 to know any that are the least bit wrinkled.

I may be 66, but I don’t think I’m also too wrinkled. If anybody would like to check, I’ll buy the coffee.

I think the Herald, just played the alliteration card to get a catchy headline.

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Two Quotes From The Times

These two quotes were in The Times yesterday.

Billy Jean King – “pressure is a privilege”

Joely Richardson – “if you want to achieve anything in life, you need guts.”

I like them!

Joely Richardson also followed up her quote with a statement that not enough people have them.

I’ll agree with that too!

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Ready Meals

I have just realised I’ve not eaten a shop-bought pre-prepared ready meal for about five to six weeks now. I have had a couple of cartons of soup for lunch, as I’m trying to keep my liquid levels up.

Usually, I cook something from scratch.

On the other hand, I was looking around my local Sainsburys in Dalston, yesterday and there seemed to be some frozen ready meals from a company called Kirstys.

The range is shown here.

If I’m late and need a meal urgently, I might try one.

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Amy Winehouse’s Cat

I met somebody yesterday, who has a cat that was once owned by the late Amy Winehouse.

Apparently, it has a few problems, like wanting to sit on top of everything, like doors and the microwave on top of the freezer.

The cat just seems to love to get high.

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Greater Anglia Get It Together

I travel to Ipswich regularly to see Ipswich Town play.

My last two tickets cost me £34.95 and that was made up by buying a Senior ticket from the Zone 6 boundary (Harold Wood) to Ipswich and then upgrading it to First.

Yesterday’s ticket was much simpler in that it was a Senior First Class ticket all the way and back for £32.60.

I’ve just looked it up the 19th of October, when Ipswich play Burnley and I can now buy one on-line for £32.60.

it also looks like that for a Tuesday night match, I can get an Off-Peak First Return to Ipswich for the same price, provided I leave before 16:30.  I don’t remember that being possible before.  i could of course be wrong. The only returns to Ipswich I can find in my credit card statements are £34.95.

It looks like the price has got down for me and I’ll now be able to avoid the queues at Liverpool Street station on a Saturday morning, by buying my ticket on-line. I’ll also have time for a proper lunch before I travel.

That’s progress.

I’ve never found any fault with the staff on the trains to Ipswich, but today they seemed to have gone up a gear in cheeriness. The steward was also offering more than the usual single complimentary drink with your First Class ticket.

I have no complaints and let’s hope it all gets even better.

For instance, it is known that Herculean efforts are sometimes needed to keep the Class 90 locomotives on top form. As passengers generally like the smooth riding Mark 3 coaches, could a small injection of the new Class 88 locomotives, allow some Norwich services to be extended to Great Yarmouth, as they used to be in the past. Would they also enable proper trains to be run to Bury St. Edmunds and Lowestoft?

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