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Dave Allen

I have just watched a documentary on Dave Allen, who to me was perhaps the best comedian of his generation.

His robust attitude to religion, described here in Wikipedia is summed up by the first statement.

He was a religious sceptic (according to Allen himself, “what you might call a practising atheist”, and often joked, “I’m an atheist, thank God”)

My views on religion, run on similar lines, although I had virtually no religious education., compared to Allen.

My father had the same attitude to religion as I do, but his most passionate conviction was probably as an anti-fascist, although some might find that strange, as he had been a lifelong supporter of the Conservative Party.

I seem to remember that he liked Dave Allen, but I can’t be sure.

Although, he used to get me out of bed to watch That Was The Week That Was, as he was very much a lover of provocative comedy and a hater of the pompous and self-important!

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A Contribution To The Danny Baker Show

This morning Danny Baker on his BBC Radio 5 show, asked for contributions about decorating the smallest room in the house.

In the 1960s, my parents were thinking about moving.  They saw this nice house in Palmers Green, which had a totally black toilet, with black walls, floor and even a black suite.

They didn’t buy the house! I should say that even with my father’s excellent decorating skills, he was totally daunted at the prospect of removing all that paint. I even heard him talk about the house, years later.

I was invited to discuss this on air with Danny and he said, he’d once used the same colour for a kitchen.

He said, it was a disaster! especially, as the gloss paint he used wouldn’t dry and he’d even painted the lino.

There could be use though, for this crime against good taste.

If say your partner is keen to move and you are totally against it, what better way of putting off buyers, than to paint the toilet black.

It would also be a good way to get even with your ex-spouse in an acrimonious divorce, especially, if they got the house!


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An Unusual Cold War Story

I’ve just read this story on the BBC, about the personal relationship between Nikita Krushchev and John F. Kennedy and especially about a puppy given to the Kennedys by Krushchev.

You can draw a lot of interesting conclusions.

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