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A Contribution To The Danny Baker Show

This morning Danny Baker on his BBC Radio 5 show, asked for contributions about decorating the smallest room in the house.

In the 1960s, my parents were thinking about moving.  They saw this nice house in Palmers Green, which had a totally black toilet, with black walls, floor and even a black suite.

They didn’t buy the house! I should say that even with my father’s excellent decorating skills, he was totally daunted at the prospect of removing all that paint. I even heard him talk about the house, years later.

I was invited to discuss this on air with Danny and he said, he’d once used the same colour for a kitchen.

He said, it was a disaster! especially, as the gloss paint he used wouldn’t dry and he’d even painted the lino.

There could be use though, for this crime against good taste.

If say your partner is keen to move and you are totally against it, what better way of putting off buyers, than to paint the toilet black.

It would also be a good way to get even with your ex-spouse in an acrimonious divorce, especially, if they got the house!


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The World’s Nastiest Card Game

Danny Baker asked on Radio 5 for card game stories.  Here is the e-mail I sent entitled, The World’s Nastiest Card Game.

Many people have played hearts, black maria, scabby or other variants of this trick winning game, where you mustn’t win hearts or in some versions the queen or other high spades.

 There is a version called cancellation hearts, which is played with two packs of cards shuffled together.  The one difference is that if in the same trick, two identical cards are played, they don’t count towards who wins the trick.  But they do count in the scoring.  So if you don’t like someone, they get dumped on in a big way.

 It is one of the games that is ideal for odd numbers of upwards of 5 people or more.  Drink improves it tremendously and it is not unknown that the odd fight breaks out.

It is also a game beloved of divorce lawyers, as it is very good for business.

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A Circus Performer on a 141 Bus

When I was returning from Oxford Street yesterday, I took the route using the Central line via Bank and a 141 or 21 bus to the end of my road. It is an easier route especially, if you are laden down with parcels as I was.

I sat just behind the wheelchair bay and shared a seat with an attractive young lady, who was also travelling fairly heavily laden.  She had the aura of being someone like a dancer or athlete and after we’d chatted for a few minutes, I asked what she did.  She said she worked as a circus performer (An aerial artist no less!) and had just done a show in London and was returning home before going to Glastonbury, where she will be performing in the Circus Tent.

I’m posting this, because Danny Baker on Radio 5 Live, asked if people had ever met anybody from a circus.

So I now have!

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Danny Baker Returns

Danny Baker is back on Radio 5 Live this morning after his treatment for cancer.

I wish him well.

Let’s hope he’s on as good form as ever. I shal be listening.

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Danny Baker Is Coming Back

Christian O”Connell said on his radio show this morning, that Danny Baker will be returning next week for his Radio 5 show. He has done one show on radio since he started his battle against cancer and there is a report here.

I shall be listening.

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Best Wishes to Danny!

My best wishes go to Danny Baker, who has been reported as suffering from cancer.

Let’s all hope he makes a swift recovery!

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