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Cats Will Be Cats

This story from the Metro on Tyneside is a good one.

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And This Happened In Victoria

I bet the other Australian states are laughing at this story of a naked man stuck in a washing machine.

I suspect too that the England cricketers are pleased, as there’s another funny story in the country.


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A Waste Of A Phone-In

I often listen to the phone-in on BBC Radio 5.  This morning, it has been discussing whether the Devil should be taken out of the Christening Service.

I’ve never heard so much rubbish in all my life, as Christians go on and on about the Devil being real and how it is as it all says in the Bible.

There has been a bit of sense, from a woman priest band a few atheists, but most of the other is totally for the dustbin.

If Christians accept that God and the Devil are in their own image, then not one has said that they could be female. Some might argue that religion was invented by men to keep women in their place.

The only important thing about a christening, is to make sure that the child has others, who they can trust, to lead them through life. That has nothing to do with religion! You could have a good party instead, which would have the same effect.

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The Paper First With The News

I have an Internet trawl looking for stories about the Overground and particularly its expansion by taking over the Lea Valley lines. It found this story from the Docklands and East London Advertiser this morning. Here’s the first two paragraphs.

Part of the Liverpool Street suburban rail network in east London is being incorporated into the London Overground.

The Chingford and Enfield lines through Bethnal Green and Hackney will appear on the Underground map for the first time from 2015, it has been revealed in Transport for London’s latest business plan.

So it would seem that something at last is moving on London’s newest train line. How long it will be before yesterday’s nightmare trip is easier, I do not know.

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How To Lose Money Bank of Scotland Style

If we thought Fred the Shred and his crew of comedians were a wunch of bankers, this story from the Herald in Scotland is up there with his worst.

The Bank of Scotland loaned £11.2 million to an ex-banker to fund a new stadium for his football club; Dunfermline Athletic. Everybody then went bust leaving Lloyds Bank holding the baby with the gold-plated nappies. Here’s what the article says about the final outcome.

Despite being valued at £11.2m in 2011, the East End Park stadium was sold by administrators KPMG to a fan-led buyout team for just £700,000.

It strikes me, that there has been a bit of hanky-panky here.  After all why would a club with average gates of a few thousand want a stadium that holds over eleven thousand? I wonder if Gordon Brown has any links to Dunfermline and its football club!

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