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Essential Supplies For My Trip To Gdansk

Getting snacks en route in Germany is difficult, as everything is generally bread based. So I’m taking plenty of essential supplies.

Essential Supplies For My Trip To Gdansk

Essential Supplies For My Trip To Gdansk

I’ve already booked the hotels and those in Gdansk, Warsaw and Berlin, should be OK for my gluten-free diet.

So the two EatNakd bars a day should suffice, if I can’t find anywhere for lunch.

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An Interesting Snippet

In talking about rolling stock in the latest edition of Modern Railways this is said.

Observers have recently seen an increasing focus on diesel-operated branches in otherwise electrified networks where small add-on projects could release much needed capacity for use elsewhere during the period of acute shortages (of diesel multiple units) from 2015.

I recently read in an article on the Rail Engineer website, that extending electrification off a fully-electrified main line, is an easier and more affordable project, as some of the expensive pieces of hardware like electrical connections and transformers, are already installed.

So if this became policy, what lines should be electrified?

Here’s a few that will or could be!

The Marshlink Line between Hastings and Ashford is an oddity in that it is lone diesel-operated line in the south east corner of England. Proposals are being worked on to electrify this line, so that Class 395 trains can run through to Hastings, Bexhill and Eastbourne. Currently, Brighton to Ashford is worked by ten Class 171 trains and some or all of these could be released, if electric trains could run all the way from Brighton to Ashford.

The Marston Vale Line is also scheduled to be electrified as part of the Electric Spine.

The Felixstowe Branch Line needs electrification for freight, but being able to piggy-back to the Great Eastern Main Line may make electrification worthwhile.

The Manchester to Southport Line is one that is being looked for possible electrification according to Wikipedia. They say this!

Additionally Network Rail has identified electrification of Wigan to Southport, together with Ormskirk to Preston Line and the Burscough Curves as a possible source of new services.

In fact the whole of this area of Lancashire northwards from Liverpool, Warrington and Manchester to Wigan, Preston and Blackpool could end up being electrified as extensions to the Northern Hub. Most of the branch lines already have an electric connection at one or both ends.

I wouldn’t bet against the electrification of Preston to Leeds, as a lot of money is being spent on stations on the line, so how about some nice refurbished electric trains for the route.


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How Will Crossrail And The Central Line Link At Stratford?

I took this picture as I passed through Stratford station this morning.

Interchange To The Central Line At Stratford

Interchange To The Central Line At Stratford

I had intended to take pictures of the work at Pudding Mill Lane station, but the train windows were so dirty, I didn’t see anything worthwhile.

But it got me thinking as to how Crossrail and the Central Line will link at Stratford.

Will for instance, the two lines share an island platform for each direction, as they do now?

I think, that on the record of London’s interchanges of the past few years, the planners will come up with a good plan that works well.

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Rats And Sinking Ships Come To Mind

This story on the BBC today,  that the Labour party is cutting its links with the Co-op Bank made me think of the headline of this post.

On the other hand, perhaps the owners of the other 70% of the bank, that the Co-operative Group doesn’t own, aren’t those who wear red underwear?

On the other hsand moving to a bank controlled by the Trade Unions, might not bode well for those who want the Labour party to think pragmatically and outside the box.

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The Big Disadvantage Of The New Borders Railway

The Borders Railway which is Scotland’s new rail line from Edinburgh to the borders, is progressing well according to an article in Modern Railways.

Speaking of the new terminal station at Tweedbank, the article ends with this sentence.

It will have platforms of sufficient length to accommodate charter trains and thus give Borders tourism a welcome boost.

Do the locals really want more tourists from Edinburgh?

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Slow Train To Liverpool

On Saturday, I’m flying out from Liverpool to Gdansk in Poland to start one of my home runs by train back to London.

You might argue why I’m starting from Liverpool rather than one of the London airports.

It’s because I’m seeing Ipswich Town play their last away match of the season at Burnley and it seems logical to take a flight from the more convenient Liverpool Airport.

I had thought, it would be easy to get a train between Burnley and Liverpool, as I’ve driven the route in the 1960s and it must have taken about two hours in my 1950s-vintage Morris Minor. So surely, there must be a train in about that time to speed me on my way, with a change at Preston.

If I was to do it today, I can do the journey in two hours and eight minutes with just that single change, but on Saturday, it’s a journey of two and a half hours changing at both Preston and Ormskirk. At least I end up in Liverpool at the station nearest to Carluccio’s, so there should be just time for a good late lunch and then a taxi to the Airport, from the rank next to the restaurant.

Fifty years on, we don’t seem to have made much progress!

Although things should get better in the next few years, as the Northern Hub spreads its electric tentacles.

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More Assembled Concrete At Custom House Station

Every time I go to have a look at the new Custom House Station for Crossrail, there is a lot of evidence of progress.

If they do organise a site visit in Open House, this could be one to view.

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