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A Big Dilemma

Tonight, I can either watch Manchester City or Chelski in the Champions League, as it’s uncertain as to which will give me the greatest pleasure by being given a good drubbing!

We really do need serious Fair Play rules on spending, so that talent rather than money rules.

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The Tyranny Of Shopping

Today’s shopping showed how sometimes, it can be a complete pain. I went up to Islington and bought this today.

The Tyranny Of Shopping

The Tyranny Of Shopping

My trouble in some ways is that I’m particular in what I like.

1. Bread has to be from Marks and Spencer. Waitrose’s especially is made from cardboard.

2. Only Sainsbury sell my preferred Black Farmer sausages, which go so well in a sausage casserole I’m making.

3. Marks and Spencer doesn’t sell cannelloni beans.

4. I prepay for The Times and getting rid of the voucher can be difficult in some supermarkets.

5. Etc. etc.

So in the end, I ended up going to all of Waitrose, Sainsbury and Marks and Spencer, buying a few items in each.

At least at the Angel, the three shops are close together. In Sainsbury, all I bought was the sausages.

Last week, I went to Waitrose at Canary Wharf to try to get everything in one visit, but they didn’t have the sausages, as they’d sold out and their own gluten-fre ones are tasteless.


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Bacon Factory Curve At Work

I took this picture from an Ipswich to Cambridge train.

Freight Trains On The Bacon Factory Curve

Freight Trains On The Bacon Factory Curve

It shows how the Bacon Factory Curve is working.

The train on the left is held on the curve itself, whilst the train on the right is proceeding towards Felixstowe.

In contrast to months ago, my train was not delayed and went straight past the junction.

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