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Serial Cooking Teriyaki Beef And Noodles

This is another based on a recipe from Lindsey Bareham in The Times.

The main ingredients for meal for two, are a decent sirloin steak, an onion, 100 grams of green beans, a small cup of frozen peas, 50g of noodles and some teriyaka and soy sauces.

This recipe has various options and this is my method for two small portions.

It’s certainly more interesting that steak with chips and peas.

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What’s Got Twenty-Eight Legs and An IQ Of Fourteen?

As there are fourteen of them at the moment, it’s Republican Party presidential candidates, 2016.

This is a joke that might get bigger!

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I Wouldn’t Trust Santander’s Banking

Yesterday and today, I received two letters from Santander, correctly addressed to someone I’d never heard of at my address.

I should say, that I get a lot of junk mail addressed to previous tenants and I’d never seen the name before.

These are the two letters.

Two Letters From Santander

Two Letters From Santander

I suspect that if I’d been dishonest, I could have got access to their money, so they are now safely in a letter to Santander.

I have other reasons for not banking with Santander, like the fact that I will not bank with an organisation, that is not domiciled in the UK and preferably England.

But after this, I wouldn’t trust them to keep a brass farthing safe!

I think what is more important here, is that surely a bank would check you lived at the address you gave. Or at least had permission to collect mail from there!

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Trump Forgot The Ace Of Clubs

This article on the BBC web site, is entitled Donald Trump loses wind farm legal challenge. This is said.

Donald Trump’s legal challenge to a planned offshore wind farm has been rejected by the UK’s Supreme Court.

The UK Supreme Court is probably the end of an expensive road.

My late friend; Brian, would have said that an old accountancy phrase would apply – Screwed, Glued and Tattooed.

Seeing as it’s Scotland, perhaps it should be the Scottish version – Screwed, Glued and Bagpiped. I’m certain, there are a large number of Scots, who have innovative uses of a set of bagpipes as an instrument of torture.

There is this article on the Aberdeen Renewable Energy Group, entitled EOWDC partners welcome Supreme Court decision. This is said.

Vattenfall and Aberdeen Renewable Energy Group (AREG), partners of Aberdeen Offshore Wind Farm Ltd, the company behind the European Offshore Wind Deployment Centre (EOWDC), welcomed today’s Supreme Court decision.
Andy Paine, Project Director for AOWFL, said: “This is another significant step forward for the EOWDC. It affirms the scheme’s potential to position Scotland, and particularly the North-east, as a centre of innovative offshore wind power. The project partners remain committed to seeing the EOWDC come to fruition and delivering long-term economic benefits to the region.”

It certainly looks like Trump didn’t have the heaviest club; the Ace, in his bag.

I’ll leave the last word to the Professional Golfers Association, as detailed in this report on the BBC entitled Donald Trump controversy bad for golf – PGA chief Sandy Jones. This is said.

The chief executive of the Professional Golfers’ Association says the ongoing controversy generated by Donald Trump is “not a positive thing for golf.”

Trump, who owns two Scottish courses, has been criticised for comments made during his bid to become the Republican Party’s US presidential candidate.

And Sandy Jones says the negative publicity around Trump is bad for golf.

“Sadly his political campaign in America seems to be getting in the way of all the great things golf offers.”





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