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Serial Cooking – Twelve Minute Fish

I’ve used this recipe for years, since I discovered it in the sadly-missed Dinner Tonight daily recipe in The Times, that was contributed by Lyndsey Bareham.


  1. I used haddock, but it generally works with any white fish trawled from the depths of the freezer.
  2. I always keep little pots of frozen peas and runner beans for one in my freezer.
  3. I have lots of pots and always split frozen peas up when I buy them.
  4. I usually cook it for one or two, but have cooked it for four.
  5. I’m a bit worried about getting the Carluccio’s olive oil with lemon. But I suspect someone else will supply something similar.

It can’t be too bad, as two friends have asked for the recipe. And they’re still friends.


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Cooking My Christmas Dinner

These pictures show how I cooked my Christmas Feast for One from Roasted by Jack and Scott.


  1. It took under forty minutes from when the oven had warmed up and the water was simmering to cook the meal.
  2. The only utensils I used were a pair of scissors and a slice to get the bags out of the hot water.
  3. Washing up was minimal and nothing needed a heavy scrub, which is always a good thing.
  4. Vegetables were over generous for someone like me, who only weighs 63 kilos.

Anybody, who can put together some IKEA flatpack furniture and who knows how to boil water, stick a ready meal in the oven, should be able to cook this meal.

I have to wonder how many people could cook a delicious meal like this this from scratch in forty minutes.

The package included Christmas pudding. I’ll cook that tomorrow!

I can also remember several fraught Christmas mornings, when C was cooking Christmas Dinner. Usually, they involved my mother-in-law! This meal would certainly avoid, the too many cooks problem, as one person could cook a meal for four in well under an hour.

If I have to spend Christmas by myself again or I am entertaining a small number of people, I’ll seriously think about going back to Jack and Scott.

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Serial Cooking -Sardines And Baked Eggs

This simple dish is nutritious.

The original recipe recommended sprinkling with fresh parsley!

I cooked it last night in about fifteen minutes.

I always make sure, I’ve plenty of sardines in the cupboard. Last night, I used some French ones from Marks and Spencer.


Could this be the perfect supper for one during COVID-19?

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Serial Cooking – Pasta With Yogurt Sauce For One

This is based on a Lyndsey Bareham recipe, which I cooked in Serial Cooking – Quick Pasta For One.


  1. There’s a lot of room for error and personalisation.
  2. I suspect it works equally well with Marks and Spencer’s normal pasta.
  3. It can be cooked in about ten minutes,

‘ve cooked it perhaps twenty times now and eaten it every time.

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Serial Cooking – Goat’s Cheese, Strawberry And Basil Salad

I found this unusual salad in a book called The Salad Bowl by Nicola Graimes.

Don’t go easy on the pepper!

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Serial Cooking – Cod And Tomato With Basil

I created this out of one of Lyndsey Bareham’s recipes from The Times.

I aimed to make it something i cook cook quickly from the store-cupboard and the freezer.

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A Quick Salad

I’m not a lover of traditional salads. So here’s a goat’s cheese, strawberry and basil salad from the Salad Bowl by Nicola Graimes.

I didn’t show the crumbling of the cheese, as I only have two hands. I just used a fork to scrape the cheese out of the packet.

I must do some more out of the book.

Green salads are so boring.

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Serial Cooking – Asparagus, Prosciutto And Poached Egg

This is another recipe from Lyndsey Bareham from The Times.

It was exceedig simple and so delicious I did it two days running.

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Serial Cooking – Lemon And Spinach Cod Gratin

This recipe is another from Lindsey Bareham in The Times.

Lindsey called it a speedy gratin, based on an idea from a reader.

I made it as one large one for two helpings for myself.

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Serial Cooking – Smoked Haddock And Curried Rice

This recipe is another from Lindsey Bareham in The Times.

Lindsey called this an incredibly lazy twist on kedgeree. I have tried to make it even lazier.


  1. I started with a single Marks and Spencer’s smoked haddock. Just two pounds and no bones or skin.
  2. I hard-boiled an extra egg for the fridge
  3. I used an onion instead of shallots.
  4. I didn’t have any fresh chives or coriander

I rather liked it for a New Year’s Eve supper.

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