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Another Sensible Large Map

This map was at Southport station and shows the two lines that meet there.

Like several Merseyrail stations, Southport has a combined ticket office and shop.

Several other train operators could do worse than copy some of Merseyrail’s ideas.

I sdhould say that Southport station is particularly well appointed, as it has an entrance into the nearby large Marks and Spencer.



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A Sensible Large-Scale Local Train Map

I like this map from Merseyrail’s Northern Line.

The London Underground has something similar, with a schematic with times to get there, but London’s are much smaller than this large-scale version.

But that doesn’t put the minutes in a station circle and this is the only map I’ve seen that does!

Incidentally a Scouse version of Irene’s Law would not be far out, if you allowed three minutes for each stop.

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A Station With A Wildlife Park

Freshfields station is close to a very unusual wildlife park; the Formby Red Squirrel Walk.

I did get a brief glimpse of a baby squirrel, but I did have a good walk and will go back in the future.

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Up The Rat Hole

Look at this YouTube video of the tunnel connecting Liverpool James Street station to Water Street.

Now look at these pictures I took.

It’s a great improvement.

As is the improved tunnel at Bank station in London, that I wrote about in The New Tunnel Under Bank Station.

We need more updates to pedestrian tunnels like these two fine examples.

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A Visit To New Brighton

I hadn’t been to New Brighton since C and myself went during Panto Week, to see Gerry and the Pacemakers and The Fortunes at New Brighton Tower Ballroom. Tickets had been sold in aid of Panto Week.

I don’t remember much of the night, except for Gerry Marsden complaining about the piano and walking off.

The Fortunes rescued the night by playing both spots.

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Liverpool’s Underground Trains

The Class 507 and Class 508 trains on Merseyrail‘s two main lines; the Northern and Wirral are some of the oldest on the UK rail network, as they date from the late 1970s.

But they don’t show their age, unlike the closely-related Class 313 trains running the services out of Moorgate, on the Northern City Line.

These trains will certainly last until they are replaced by the new Stadler trains in a couple of years.

But knowing Liverpool’s love of the past, I wouldn’t be surprised if a way is found for some to live on.

Many Liverpudlians still think that closure of the Liverpool Overhead Railway in 1956, was one of the worst decisions about the City’s transport.

I do wonder, if the Dockers’ Umbrella had made it to the 1960s and the first revival of the Liverpool’s fortunes, it would still be here today, like Hong Kong’s tramsLisbon’s historic trams, San Francisco’s cable-cars and Wuppertal’s Schwebebahn.


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Liverpool Pier Head On A Sunny Morning

When I was a student at Liverpool University in the 1960s, this area was so different.

I can only remember, the Three Graces and the Memorial to those with no known grave.

Incidentally, I talked to one of the volunteers in the Tate Liverpool and he says that Friday is often quiet in Liverpool. The gallery certainly was, but they were between exhibitions.

The statue looking out to sea is of Captain Frederick John “Johnnie” Walker, who  was the most successful anti-submarine warfare commander during the Battle of the Atlantic.



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Drought Caused Brexit

According to Al Gore, drought in Syria was one of the causes of refugees flooding to the EU.
It’s an interrsting thought!

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Why Aren’t More High Streets Like Liverpool?

These pictures were taken early on a sunny morning in Liverpool’s main shopping street.

No buses, cars and taxis, only a few deliveries and little street clutter.

Imagine Oxford Street like this. Except you can’t as it’s not wide enough!

Both my local High Streets; Angel and Dalston are even main routes for trucks.

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