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Waterloo Upgrade August 2017 – Waterloo’s Wide Platforms

These pictures compare the platforms at Waterloo station.

The pictures are shown in increasing platform number order.

Platforms 5 to 14 are in the old part of the station, which was opened in 1922, whilst Platforms 20 to 24 are in the former International station.

Surprisingly, the platforms in the old part of the station seem to be fairly generous in width compared to say those in other London terminals.

They are not much narrower than those built for Eurostar in 1994.

Note that it appears that the old platforms have around five to seven gates per platform, as the space allows, whereas the new ones have thirty gates for the five platforms.

As gates are reversible, that surely is enough to cope with the Peak, especially as there is a mid-platform entrance/exit on some platforms to the Underground.

I suspect the platforms can cope with a whole battalion of guardsmen complete with full kit, all arriving at the same time!

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