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Will Trains Run Bi-Directionally On The New Third-Track Through Tottenham Hale?

I ask this question, as a station-man at Tottenham Hale station,  said this is what will happen, when the third track is commissioned and there are four trains per hour (tph) between Stratford and Meridian Water stations.

As there is no passing loop between Lea Bridge and Meridian Water stations, only one train can run on the third track at any one time.

Currently timings on the route are as follows.

  • Lea Bridge to Angel Road – 10 minutes
  • Stratford to Angel Road – 16-18 minutes
  • Angel Road to Stratford – 16-18 minutes
  • Angel Road to Lea Bridge – 9 minutes

If I assume that it takes six minutes to change ends at Meridian Water and that journey times are a minute shorter due to the shorter distance, this means the following.

  • A train would take twenty-three minutes to do a round trip between Lea Bridge and Meridian Water.
  • A train would take thirty-eight minutes to do a round trip between Stratford and Meridian Water.

I am led to the following conclusions.

  • A twenty-three minute round trip from Lea Bridge means that four tph isn’t possible using the third track bi-directionally.
  • Thirty-eight minutes for the round trip from Stratford would probably mean only one extra trip in an hour is possible.

I am very certain that running a four tph service between Stratford and Meridian Water, using the third track in a bi-directional manner would be very difficult, if not impossible.

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Cross-Platform Interchange Between Crossrail And Central Line At Stratford

Crossrail and the Central Line have a cross-platform interchange at Stratford.


I turned up today, with trains in both platforms.

There needs to be more interchanges like this between different lines, around the UK.

I can’t think of many.

  • Acton Town – District and Piccadilly Lines
  • Barons Court – District and Piccadilly Lines
  • Euston – Northern and Victoria
  • Finchley Road – Metropolitan and Jubilee Lines
  • Finsbury Park – Victoria and Piccadilly Lines
  • Hammersmith – District and Piccadilly Lines
  • Highbury & Islington – Northern City and Victoria Lines.
  • Mile End – Central and Hammersmith & City Lines
  • Oxford Circus – Victoria and Bakerloo Lines
  • Ravenscourt Park – District and Piccadilly Lines
  • Stockwell – Victoria and Northern Lines
  • Turnham Green – District and Piccadilly Lines
  • Wembley Park – Metropolitan and Jubilee Lines.

I don’t know of one outside the London area.


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Northumberland Park Station – 26th November 2018

Northumberland Park station is now open for business.

The pictures are in sequence as I walked from the Northbound platform, across the bridge and out the other side of the station.

  • I used the steps on the Northbound platform.
  • One lift is almost ready to use.
  • The ramp on the Southbound platform is ready.
  • Currently, there are three tracks, with space for a fourth.
  • There is still a lot of finishing to do.

The station has been designed to be simple and won’t have a Ticket Office or entry gates.

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Gluten-Free Spinach And Ricotta Ravioli From Marks And Spencer

Gluten-free ravioli is one of the foods that I have missed, since my diagnosis as a coeliac.

But, I was able to  buy this new product this afternoon, at a cost of £3.70 for enough for two.

The proof will be in the eating.

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London City Airport Appoints Former Crossrail Boss Rob Holden As New Chairman

The title of this post is the same as that of this article on City AM.

If this doesn’t get the extra station on Crossrail at Silvertown, that London City Airport needs and wants, then nothing will.

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Paddington Bakerloo Line Link Project, London

The title of this post is the same as that of this page on the Institute Of Civil Engineering web site.

The page contains a video presentation of the building of the Paddington Bakerloo Line Link, that will connect the Bakerloo Line to Crossrail sometime next year.

If you think the golden age of British improvised tunnelling finished with the end of World War Two, with the likes of the Wooden Horse and the Great Escape, then think again.

  • A redundant Royal Mail building stars as the cookhouse, where the tunnel starts under the floor.
  • The old Rail Mail tunnel, doubles for the sewers.
  • Sections were dug by hand.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see more pedestrian tunnels dug with all the ingenuity of this one.

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