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New Company Established To Help Transition Bus Fleets To Hydrogen

The title of this post, is the same as that of this article on H2 View.

These first two paragraphs describe the company.

A new asset financed company has been launched to help design, deliver, and finance the seamless transition to a zero-emissions bus fleet with hydrogen included.

Launched by Wrightbus owner Jo Bamford today (August 9), FUZE will support the energy transition to cleaner variants by offering packages that enable the transition to hydrogen or electric fleets of buses.

If Jo Bamford gets this right, it could certainly smooth the transition to hydrogen and electric buses, where bus companies will be introducing new technology.

The words asset-based make me think, that buses, fuelling systems and chargers could all be hired on a bus-by-the-hour basis in much the same way train manufacturing companies like Hitachi and Stadler supply trains to the train operating companies.

The manufacturers are contracted to supply so many trains each day and if there are reliability or availability problems, then they must compensate the operators. That model would surely work with buses.

  • I also suspect the model would allow flexibility, as to the choice of either an electric or hydrogen bus.
  • I also think, that the model would be able to provide short-term deals for large events and Rail Replacement services.
  • Buses no longer needed could also be returned, repainted and hired by another operator.
  • FUZE could also have a standby fleet, so any bus operator wanting to try hydrogen buses for a month, could enter into a short-term deal.

I also think that this new generation of buses can open up innovative ideas for bus use. In Three Hydrogen Double Decker Buses Set For Dublin, I describe how Dublin will use just three hydrogen buses to create a fast commuter route.


I like it!

Short Term Hire Of Buses

I have a feeling that if say you wanted to hire a small fleet of buses for say a festival like Glastonbury, that hydrogen buses could be the better bet.

Suppose you wanted to run a fleet of five buses to and from the car park at the nearest rail station.

  • Feeding the chargers for five buses will need a substantial electricity feed.
  • Hydrogen buses can be refuelled from a mobile fuelling station.
  • Hydrogen buses can probably run all day on one refuelling.

The ease of refuelling would appear to favour the hydrogen bus.


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  1. the asset finance model has become the way to go for so much of the capital plant, automotive and rail industries. By establishing Ryze for hydrogen production, and fuelling/charging facilities and by presumably having the tie in by the battery suppliers for BEVs Fuze will be able to offer the full life package to operators. Not that it matters that much but I do wonder whether the model is broadly based on JCB Finance with their well established association to banks and other financial institutions.
    Just a point on the rail situation. All of train manufacturers use this model to a greater or lesser extent, either providing more extensive facilities as companies like Siemens, Hitachi and GE who are sometimes regarded as ‘banks with little engineering companies attached’ or through consortia where the train manufacturers do not have the financial muscle.

    Comment by fammorris | August 10, 2021 | Reply

    • I know a lot more about finance, than many would think, as I once owned half a finance company, that provided finance for trucks and one of my best friends was the Business Banking Director of a High Street bank.

      Thanks for pointing out about JCB Finance. I would think that hydrogen buses add a whole new dimension to the business.

      Comment by AnonW | August 10, 2021 | Reply

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