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Will Whitechapel Station Have The Widest Platform On The Underground?

I took this picture across the island platform for the Sub Surface Lines at Whitechapel station, this morning.

It will certainly be a wide platform, when the station is completed.

It is also shown on this map from carto metro of the lines through the station.


  1. Crossrail is shown in purple.
  2. The Overground is shown  in orange.
  3. The Sub Surface Lines are shown in green and red.

Platforms 1 and 2 form a very wide island platform.

The station is unique in that three full-size high-capacity and high-frequency lines connect at the station.

  • Crossrail – East-West – 24 tph – 1,500 passengers per train.
  • Sub Surface Lines – East-West – 21 tph – 1209 passengers per train
  • Overground – North-South – 16 tph – 170 passengers per train

A lot of passengers will change trains at Whitechapel station, so the spacious platform will be useful.

Will passengers also use the platform to reverse direction.

The quickest way between Liverpool Street and Blackfriars stations is to get a Circle Line train, but passengers could go two stops on a Hammersmith and City train to Whitechapel, walk across the platform and then take the District Line to Victoria.

Alternatively, you could take Crossrail to Whitechapel to get the District Line.

But the latter is in the advanced course on Ducking and Diving.


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Whitechapel Station – 10th August 2021

I took these pictures as I passed through Whitechapel station, this morning.


  1. Much of the platform lighting on the Sub Surface Lines platforms is now in place.
  2. The main entrance to the station on appears to be coming on.
  3. The walkway over the Overground trains appears to be fairly well fitted out.
  4. There are a lot less blue hoardings generally.

This picture from Crossrail is a visualisation of the Overground platforms, after completion.

My last five pictures show the final design emerging.

When Will Whitechapel Station Be Finished?

This weekend, the station is closed on Saturday and Sunday. Could the builders be having a big push to get the station ready for opening?

  • Your guess as to the finish date is as good as mine!
  • The station is gradually coming out of its shell of hoardings and starting to look impressive.

But I did write a post called Is Whitechapel Station Going To Be A Jewel In The East?. I still have high hopes for the station being an architectural gem.

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New Company Established To Help Transition Bus Fleets To Hydrogen

The title of this post, is the same as that of this article on H2 View.

These first two paragraphs describe the company.

A new asset financed company has been launched to help design, deliver, and finance the seamless transition to a zero-emissions bus fleet with hydrogen included.

Launched by Wrightbus owner Jo Bamford today (August 9), FUZE will support the energy transition to cleaner variants by offering packages that enable the transition to hydrogen or electric fleets of buses.

If Jo Bamford gets this right, it could certainly smooth the transition to hydrogen and electric buses, where bus companies will be introducing new technology.

The words asset-based make me think, that buses, fuelling systems and chargers could all be hired on a bus-by-the-hour basis in much the same way train manufacturing companies like Hitachi and Stadler supply trains to the train operating companies.

The manufacturers are contracted to supply so many trains each day and if there are reliability or availability problems, then they must compensate the operators. That model would surely work with buses.

  • I also suspect the model would allow flexibility, as to the choice of either an electric or hydrogen bus.
  • I also think, that the model would be able to provide short-term deals for large events and Rail Replacement services.
  • Buses no longer needed could also be returned, repainted and hired by another operator.
  • FUZE could also have a standby fleet, so any bus operator wanting to try hydrogen buses for a month, could enter into a short-term deal.

I also think that this new generation of buses can open up innovative ideas for bus use. In Three Hydrogen Double Decker Buses Set For Dublin, I describe how Dublin will use just three hydrogen buses to create a fast commuter route.


I like it!

Short Term Hire Of Buses

I have a feeling that if say you wanted to hire a small fleet of buses for say a festival like Glastonbury, that hydrogen buses could be the better bet.

Suppose you wanted to run a fleet of five buses to and from the car park at the nearest rail station.

  • Feeding the chargers for five buses will need a substantial electricity feed.
  • Hydrogen buses can be refuelled from a mobile fuelling station.
  • Hydrogen buses can probably run all day on one refuelling.

The ease of refuelling would appear to favour the hydrogen bus.


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The Crossrail Tracks To The West Of Paddington Station

This map from carto metro, shows the track layout to the West of the Crossrail platforms at Paddington station.


  1. The Crossrail tunnels are shown in dotted purple at the Eastern end of the map.
  2. The tracks change from purple to black at the Royal Oak tunnel portal.
  3. Two tracks named CRL Eastbound and CRL Westbound appear to pass either side of two turnback sidings.
  4. These tracks change to purple in colour and can be followed to the Western end of the map.
  5. Tracks break off from this route to the North and serve the depot at Old Oak Common.

It appears to be a very clean and simple layout.

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Crossrail Formally Hands Paddington Station Over To TfL

The title of this post, is the same as that article on Ian Visits.

Ian says this about the current status of the stations.

This is the sixth of the Elizabeth line stations to be transferred over to TfL, following Custom House, Farringdon, Tottenham Court Road, Woolwich and Liverpool Street stations, which leaves only Canary Wharf, Whitechapel and the late running Bond Street to go.

Paddington station certainly looked very ready, when I visited yesterday and took the pictures in The Main Crossrail Entrance At Paddington Station.


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