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A Dreadful Hot Chocolate At Woking Station

On my trip to the Isle of Wight today, to ride on the new Class 484 trains on the Island Line, I got on a Portsmouth & Southsea train, rather than one to Portsmouth Harbour station.

I was told be the guard, that it would be convenient to change at Woking station, which I did.

I took these pictures at the station.


  1. I alighted on Platform 5, where there is a Starbucks.
  2. I bought a hot chocolate in the Starbucks.
  3. I then moved to Platform 4 to catch my train to Portsmouth Harbour.
  4. It was a bit of a precarious platform transfer as the lifts are at the other end of the station.
  5. Where there was a Pumpkin.

It’s a pity, I didn’t wait to get my drink, as it was one of the worst Hot chocolates I’ve ever tasted.

Later I had a much better hot chocolate in another cafe at Ryde.

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Last Week Was Chocolate Week

last week was Chocolate Week and Lindsey Bareham celebrated with five recipes using chocolate of which four were savoury.

I cooked this Catalan Lamb Stew With Almonds on the sixteenth.

Catalan Lamb Stew With Almonds

Catalan Lamb Stew With Almonds

I had a problem in that I couldn’t find any blanched almonds, so I had to use plaked ones and it was a bit gritty.  My little chopper also made a bit of the mess with the sauce, so I can’t say it was a great success.  I’ll try it again sometimes, with the blanched almonds.

And then on the nineteenth, I cooked Chicken Chili With Chocolate.

Chicken Chili With Chocolate

Chicken Chili With Chocolate

It was good and I put half in the freezer for later. I did cheat though, by using microwaveable rice.

Next time I’ll cook it with proper rice.

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Chocolates On Oriana

I’m always wary of the chocolates, that hotels and indeed cruise ships, put on your bed at night.

Chocolates On Oriana

Chocolates On Oriana

This one was from Whittakers Chocolates and the excellent Restaurant Manager certified they were gluten-free. I had no trouble with them, although there was another sort, I didn’t sample.

My caution stems from a night a few years ago, in a five star hotel in Spain, where the chocolate had a biscuit inside.  Luckily my late wife, C, was acting as food taster and after eating her chocolate, quickly ate mine as well.

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Hotel Chocolat

It has just been announced on the local news, that Hotel Chocolat is expanding and creating 250 new jobs in Huntingdon and at its chocolate factory in St. Lucia. I checked their web site to see if they do gluten-free, as I am partial to the occassional bit of chocolate. Now that Cadbury’s have been taken over by Kraft, I worry that their products will end up contaminated by wheat maltodextrin to save money. I just can’t take the chance and so I was pleased to see that Hotel Chocolat have a gluten-free page on their web site.

I have sent a comment to Hotel Chocolat to query the level of gluten, as they say the odd contamination might happen.

I am a coeliac and also I monitor a Yahoo group for others.  I haven’t tried your gluten-free products, but some coeliacs won’t as they are very sensitive to gluten.  I myself am not, but I do react to wheat maltodextrin.  What’s wrong with Demerara sugar? I think you may find that there is a lot of demand for a simple guaranteed gluten-free product, especially since G&B are now part of Kraft and US companies seem to have a fetish for wheat maltodextrin.

I shall await their reply.

what is interesting, is how they have raised the money for the expansion.  They have raised it from their tasting club and will pay the interest in chocolate, as described here in The Telegraph.That sounds a model, that might work with a lot of food and drink products, especially where you are dealing with a specific group of people like coeliacs.

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