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I Tend To Live Life in the Wonderful World of my Head, Where Every Day the Sun Shines

The title of this post is from a leader in today’s copy of The Times and it was said by Eric Sykes, who died yesterday. His obituary was also felt by the paper to be worth two pages.

Has there ever been a comedian and scriptwriter, who succeeded so well, against all of the odds?

C and I once saw him in the theatre in the play, Run for your Wife, where he appeared in his eighties, despite being totally deaf and virtually blind. An absolute tour de farce!

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Jo Brand Has Trouble in Streatham

According to this report in the Standard, Jo Brand is in trouble with some of the things she said in Streatham.

I don’t think I’ve ever knowingly been to Streatham, as I do know it is south of the river and people born in the north of the city rarely cross the river without either a good reason or adequate precautions and preferably both.

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The Mersey Ferries in the 1970s

They’ve just shown the opening clip of the Liver Birds on BBC2, with its picture of the back of the Mersey Ferry, Mountwood, which is still going, but after being renamed Royal Iris of the Mersey.  In three years time, I will have known those boats for sixty years.

Incidentally, I don’t remember much of the first series or two of the Liver Birds, as C and I didn’t have a television until about 1973, although we had seen the odd episode at our parents respective houses. I think the first series we really saw was about 1975, when Elizabeth Estensen joined the show.

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Jo Brand Has Had Her House Extraordinarily Rendered

She just said this on HIGNFY.  She also said the builder called it stone cladding.

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A Comedian With Cerebral Palsy

BBC Breakfast this morning showed a comedian from Newcastle, with cerebral palsy called Lee Ridley, who works under the name of Lost Voice Guy. If he appears near you, I think he would be worth seeing and not for the curiosity value.

It reminds me of a time in the United States, where there was a blind comedian with a guide dog.  I never saw him, but there is one in New York now called Brian Fischler. In the act I heard of, the dog got into it, by reacting appropriately to some jokes.


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Dame Edna Retires

It is being reported that Dame Edna Everage is being retired by Barry Humphries.

Some will think it sad, but then we have a lot of audio and video records to keep us rolling in the aisles.

in fact, these days great acts, never really retire because of this.


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Max Miller

Max Miller, the Cheeky Chappie, has a statue in the Pavilion Gardens.

He really was a comedian with a unique style and if you ever get a chance to listen to one of the recordings made of his act, you should.

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Instant Sunshine

Instant Sunshine is not an easyJet flight to Spain or a new breakfast cereal, but a four-piece music and comedy group in the British tradition of Flanders and Swan.  Read their own views on what they are on their web site.

C and I used to listen to them on the radio forty or so years ago.

I went to see them last night at the Rosemary Branch theatre just down the road. The show was worth at least three times the £10 it cost to get in.

If you can catch their stage show then do.

One thought they left me with, was that there is no rhyme for Islington.

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A Very Stupid Question

Richard Bacon on BBC Radio 5 Live, has just asked the comedian, Paul Foot , if after his degree in Mathemetics at Oxford, he was planning to be an accountant. Mathematicians would never lower themselves so much to do something as boring as accountancy.

Does this just show how narrow the average interviewer on the media is?

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Wilton’s Music Hall

Last night, I went to Wilton’s Music Hall in the East End of London.  It is just round the corner from Cable Street, where in 1936, Mosley’s black shirts wanted to march and this resulted in the Battle of Cable Street. My father was there, although many would think that someone who always voted Tory wouldn’t have been.  But he did have a lot of Jewish heritage and he had a very low opinion of fascists. Various groups always claimed they stopped Oswald Mosley and his odious followers, but my father always said that anybody who thought about it, was against Mosley.

The show was organised by The Times, and was essentially a comedy night with four comedy acts and a compere; Jarred Christmas. The acts were Colin Hoult, Imran Yusuf, Frisky and Mannish and one other, who I think might have been a late addition.

But it was three hours of good fun and all for a tenner.

The building is virtually a construction site, as they are struggling to get London’s last music hall on a secure footing, both financially and structurally. But the building had the right atmosphere and acoustics to make it a good venue.

The four comedians were good, but not as in your face as s0me. Colin Hoult relied a lot on word play, developing a new superhero called Grammar Man, who policed such evil powers as split infinitives, whilst Imran Yusuf showed how you don’t have to be Jewish to mock your religion constructively. Jarred Christmas was an amiable host, who did a good job to link it all together.

The show was round up, by Frisky and Mannish, who are best described as a comedy musical double act, with Frisky doing most of the singing to Mannish’s keyboard. There are some videos on their web site, which give a good flavour.

She introduced herself by saying that as it was a music hall, she was wearing a corset.  And she was wearing it well over a split skirt and a halter top.  Her shoes, hair and the corset laces were almost a matching red/orange colour. The corset wasn’t to a Victorian tightness, but it wasn’t loose either.  She sang well too!

They are going to the Edinburgh Fringe and will certainly be worth catching.

The Times are putting on further comedy nights at Wilton’s.  If they’re only a tenner a time, it won’t be the last time I go.

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