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The Weather Hasn’t Helped the Recession

I can only look at the London weather, but I don’t think that the first three months of the year have been very good. How has this effected the recession, especially, as figures show the construction industry hasn’t performed well?

I predict that the figures for the next quarter will be much better, if the weather pulls its socks up.

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Scots Put Wind Up Donald Trump

I can’t say I warm to Donald Trump and I don’t think, that I’d want to be anywhere near his golf development, as it will probably attract a lot of the sort of people, that I find odious.

So I read the report about his spat with the Scottish Parliament with interest and a small bit of pleasure. I’m not really in favour of wind turbines and especially those onshore, but offshore ones, if the economic case is there are a much better option. Let’s hope he gets a nice line of pylons across his golf course.

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Connecticut Abolishes the Death Penalty

About time too, but it’s here on the BBC

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Jo Brand Has Trouble in Streatham

According to this report in the Standard, Jo Brand is in trouble with some of the things she said in Streatham.

I don’t think I’ve ever knowingly been to Streatham, as I do know it is south of the river and people born in the north of the city rarely cross the river without either a good reason or adequate precautions and preferably both.

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Man Has Boris Tattooed on his Leg

Each to his own I suppose.  But this?

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Wot No Chuggers

I took this picture of a desolate Angel in Islington today.

Wot No Chuggers

You will notice that the pavement is without the dreaded chuggers.

Any ideas?

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Voting for the Bus

I was at the Angel yesterday afternoon, waiting for a 38 or 56 to take me home, when a New Bus for London passed the other way going towards Victoria.

The guy standing next to me, asked if I’d ridden the bus and I said several times. We then both agreed that we liked them and I said that as an engineer and a designer, it had a lot of good ideas that would find their way into new buses, making them all better.

He then made the statement, that although he was a lifelong Labour voter, he would be voting for the one candidate, who won’t be scrapping the bus; Boris.

Is this the first time that the man on the Dalston omnibus, has been swayed in his voting preference, by that bus?

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Championship Clubs Agree Fair Play Rules

The Championship clubs have agreed a set of fair-play rules to ensure that a club can’t do a QPR and buy themselves promotion.  It is reported here in the Independent.

We should be told which were the three Championship clubs that voted against the implementation of the rules.

Any ideas?

On the 26th April, The Times said the three clubs were Reading, Southampton and Leicester City. All are owned by very rich individuals.

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An Exquisite Necklace

This necklace is unique and was designed by a student at the Royal College of Arts for her degree.

An Exquisite Necklace

It is silver, with butterfly wings under ground glass. It was made about 1970.

It does need a bit of a clean-up.  But otherwise it is in good condition.

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What Have the London Marathon and the Multi-User Version of Artemis in Common

According to legend and this web site, the London Marathon was planned by Chris Brasher and John Disley in a pub; the Dysart Arms at Richmond.

So what’s different to most great ideas?

The first multi-user version of Artemis, the project management system, was designed by Richard Nobbs and myself in the Gardeners Arms at Stutton.

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