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Is The New Bus for London A Bus With Presence?

Coming back from the Angel tonight, I caught a New Bus for London from Islington Green. When it was spotted, quite a few people moved from the standard 38 bus in front and walked back a few yards to make sure they caught the New Bus. Obviously, some people prefer it.

But seeing them on the road, it strikes me that the New Bus advertises itself and other drivers get out of the way. It could be that as it looks bigger, although it isn’t that much so, people are wary of it and move over. I’ve not heard of an accident involving a New Bus, but then there are only five on the road. But then since, I’ve lived here, the only accidents reported involved the dreaded bendy buses. I would love Transport for London to publish all bus accidents, so they could be properly analysed.

Speaking as a pedestrian, I always notice a New Bus, when I see it. But then I would hope I notice all other buses, when I cross the road. On the other hand, because the lights on the New Bus are more prominent and probably better-designed, it is easier to ascertain what one is doing.

The New and the Old

The picture shows the New Bus alongside one of its predecessors. Note the bigger and more prominent lights on the New Bus.

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What To Do With Old Oyster Cards

If you  have finished using your Oyster card, like I did, when I got to an age that entitled me to a Freedom Pass or perhaps you are sadly leaving London for good, there are two things you can do with it.

You can donate it to charity by dumping it in a box like this one at Liverpool Street station.

Oyster Charity Box

Railway Children is an international charity that fights for children who live on the streets.

Or you could ride several times on the Emirates Air-Line.

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The Best Chicken Tikka Dupiaza In The East

When we lived near Woodbridge, C & I usually went every Monday evening for supper in The Royal Bengal.

I usually had chicken tikka dupiaza  and this picture shows why.

Chicken Tikka Dupiaza

Being in the area, I couldn’t resist popping in for lunch.

It was just as good as I remembered it and served by the same staff as when it opened in 1982.

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Was The Torch A Day Late?

Yesterday was July the Fourth or Darrell’s Day in Suffolk, when the Dutch tried to invade in 1667.

So surely the torch should have visited Felixstowe yesterday, rather than today.

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Has Greater Anglia Improved Their Mk. 3 Coaches?

I went to Ipswich today, with the aim of seeing the Olympic Torch Relay in either Woodbridge or Felixstowe, so I travelled out of Liverpool Street in a rake of forty-year-old Mk 3 coaches, pushed by a thirty-year old Class 90.

I haven’t been on one of these trains for a couple of months and the ride quality seemed to have improved. At one point, I walked a couple of coaches to get a coffee and it was easier than last time.  I also talked to a mother sitting on the floor with her young child and she said it was very comfortable. Why she was sitting on the floor, I do not know, the train wasn’t very full.

They have been improving the track through to Norwich, so it was probably that or something to do with new balls in the wheel-bearings of the coaches.

On the other hand my balance could have been better?

On the other hand, Greater Anglia certainly haven’t improved their Ipswich to Felixstowe services, as the train I wanted to catch had gone AWOL. So I missed the Olympic Torch Relay.

So I came home in another excellent Mk. 3 coach. Is there rail vehicle in service as good as the Mk. 3?

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French Target Foreign Property Owners

I’m so glad that C and I sold our house in Antibes in the South of France some fifteen years ago. I think I’d be paying a very large sum of French taxes now, if Francois Hollande gets his plans to tax foreign property owners implemented. It’s all here on the BBC.

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I Tend To Live Life in the Wonderful World of my Head, Where Every Day the Sun Shines

The title of this post is from a leader in today’s copy of The Times and it was said by Eric Sykes, who died yesterday. His obituary was also felt by the paper to be worth two pages.

Has there ever been a comedian and scriptwriter, who succeeded so well, against all of the odds?

C and I once saw him in the theatre in the play, Run for your Wife, where he appeared in his eighties, despite being totally deaf and virtually blind. An absolute tour de farce!

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Is It A Case of Hail the Hygienist?

Yesterday, I went to see the dental hygienist to have my teeth polished.

She did her usual good job, but she found a small problem with a tooth, that may well have been causing me the pain in the left hand side of my face, that has been plaguing me the last two years, since I returned home from Hong Kong since the stroke.

Let’s hope so!

We shall see next week, when I go to the dentist.

So perhaps, I was right, when I advocated a walk-in hygienist.

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