The Anonymous Widower

Ariverderci Fabio

I don’t think anybody in England will miss you, except possibly your favourite restaurant.

Let’s hope the FA take their lead from the RFU, who chose Stuart Lancaster from within.

Step forward Psycho!

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Rocking Back to the Past

Last night, I went to the theatre to see the stage version of the film, Backbeat, at the Duke of York’s theatre.

It was well-worth the ticket price and I haven’t enjoyed a musical play so much in years.

The only problem is it closes next Friday, so if you want to see it, you haven’t much time.

The play is mainly about how the Beatles formed into the four musicians we know so well and a fair proportion covers the story of their trips to Hamburg, where Stuart Suttcliffe left the band to continue his artistic career under Eduardo Paolozzi.  Sadly, Sutcliffe died in April 1962 at just 21. I know little of art, but I have friends who do, and Sutcliffe’s early death may have been a bigger tragedy than we think.

The play catches the mood of Liverpool in the sixties well, although I arrived in the city, after the Beatles had left and they play a lot of the songs that have been handed down from that time.

I did see the Beatles once though, that was at the Hammersmith Odeon after Christmas in 1964. Sadly, I never saw them again. There’s more detsils of that here.

I often wonder what the world would be like, if the Beatles hadn’t happened. I’d probably lose at least a laugh a week, as somewhere I’ll hear strains of their music and it will bring a smile to my face.

I think the saddest thing is probably the death of John Lennon and what would the world be like if he hadn’t have been shot? He might have been the one figure who could have helped stop the disastrous interventions into Iraq and Afghanistan.

But to return to last night. As I walked home after dancing in the aisles of the theatre to the tunes of the Beatles, I almost wouldn’t have minded having a serious heart attack and going then. I’ve seen two of my nearest and dearest have long drawn out deaths, so something fast, when I’m in a happy mood might do for me. But it will have to be medical, as I’m going to reach the span that my body will set for me.

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Risk Assessment – Japanese Style

Obviously, the nation that gave the world, that amazing game called Endurance, the method of risk assessment at Tokyo Zoo will be different to anywhere else in the world. This video shows them dealing with a rhino,that has been assumed to have escaped.

This scene is doubly funny for me, as C always laughed like a drain, when Clive James showed the clips of Endurance.

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Transparency International and the Blackrock Sovereign Risk Index

I’d never heard of Transparency International until yesterday, when it was interviewed about corruption in Moscow and the problems of investing there on the BBC.

They publish a Corruption Perception Index for around 180 countries world-wide. The link points to their data for 2010.  It is interesting reading.

The Blackrock Sovereign Risk Index does what it says on the tin and says how dodgy it is to deal in sovereign risk for various countries.

I wonder if the two are related, in that is a country low on the Country Perception Index, high on the Blackrock Sovereign Risk Index?

I shall be doing some investigating.

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Spam in Blogs

Every morning, I empty the spam out of my blog.  usually, it’s a dozen or so messages and I’ve commemted about it before.

It seems to have changed since that last comment, in that now a lot seems to be trying to sell me virus protection programs, with a rather verbose script, that only deserves one action; to be trashed.

You’d think people had better things to do with their time.

Especially, as the spam filter used by WordPress seems to be as reliable and accurate as an SAS-trained marksman.

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