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Should We Exempt Low Alcohol Beer And Wine From The Age Regulations

I drink Marks & Spencer ).5% Southwold Pale Ale for four main reasons.

  • It is low alcohol and doesn’t interact with the Warfarin, that I am prescribed to control the INR of my blood, so I don’t have another stroke.
  • Because it is made with less barley, it appears to be gluten-free to my body.
  • It also has the proper taste of real beer.
  • It is brewed by Adnams in Suffolk and I started drinking their beers at fourteen under supervision of my father, whilst we played snooker in Felixstowe Conservative Club.

As my GP says, at 0.25 alcohol units a 500 ml bottle, you’d have difficult drinking enough to affect your health.

There is one annoying thing about it and that is buying it.

This morning, I bought three bottles in the M & S store at the Angel, where my family has been shopping since before the First World War.

As I usually do, I used one of the automatic tills and had to wait for a minute or so, whilst the assistant verified that I was over eighteen.

The store was busy and she was helping someone with another till.

I wonder what would happen at the checkouts, if there was no age check on low alcohol beer and wine.

  • It would obviously speed up the tills with some customers.
  • But would it have the affect of brewers and winemakers, making more quality low alcohol products?
  • And would these be purchased by those who knew they should cut their alcohol intake?

It’s probably one of those ideas, that would go down well in London boroughs like Barnet, Islington and Richmond, but how would it go down in places where alcohol was a necessary way of life for many?

How too, would such a drink fit with those of a Muslim faith?

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A Sad Row Of Bottles

I have two drink problems. The first is that I never drink more than one bottle of cyder or beer in an evening and secondly, my fridge that keeps the wine cold has gone and died.

So now, I have a large number of bottles, that are probably ruined and I doubt I’ll drink them!

A Sad Row Of Bottles

A Sad Row Of Bottles

I suppose, if I was an alcoholic, they’d have gone by now.

I’ve already poured some once-nice rose down the sink.  But judging by the smell, I only missed stripping my gut and ending in hospital.

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A Small Bottle And Glass Of Wine

I like a nice glass of wine, but when I’m at home, I don’t like opening a new bottle, as by the time I get round to another glass, it’s gone off.

So I thought, I’d give this very small bottle from Waitrose a try.

A Small Bottle And Glass Of Wine

A Small Bottle And Glass Of Wine

It wasn’t that bad! But then small bottles of wine are generally inferior to their bigger cousins.

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The VIPs Get English Wine

On the Diamond Jubilee flotilla today, the VIPs will be served three English wines.

  1. Sparkling Nyetimber Classic Cuvée 2007, produced from West Sussex
  2. Stopham Estate Pinot Blanc 2010, also from West Sussex
  3. Albury Vineyard’s Silent Pool Rosé 2011, this time from Surrey

I’ve said before, but West Sussex champagne is up with the best.

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Oops! It was Murder, but it Smelled Phenomenal!

That was a quote from this story from Australia, where a container of expensive wine was dropped.

It all goes to show that their fork-lift truck drivers are like their cricketers!

They drop everything!

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Three Mills, Bow

In my previous post, I said things just had to get better and they did.

These pictures were taken in the area called Three Mills, which is now a studios.

It wasn’t what I’d expected. Especially, as one of the mills is the largest tidal mill in the world.

I have a feeling that Bass Charrington, who owned the site in the 1970s, used these buildings from where they marketed the infamous, Hirondelle wine. It was a success and the company was a customer of Time Sharing Ltd.

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More Engineering Pornography

I have a full-size electric drill, but I need something light to put plugs in the plasterboard walls, as although the hand-drill is good, the chuck is not very good and I can’t drill holes deeper than a couple of centimetres.

So I went to Franchi in the Holloway Road and bought a Bosch wine bottle opener.

Bosch IXO Vino

But it also puts in screws and drills holes.

Bosch IXO Vino with Drill Bit

It is actually quite powerful and is ideal for those small jobs, which don’t need the strongest of tools.  It also sits in a small charger/holder, so you don’t have to charge it up, when you haven’t used it for a few months.

So ladies, you now know what to buy your man for his birthday!  Or for yourself, if you’re an alcoholic with a penchant for expensive wine in corked bottles and you don’t have the strongest of hands.

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Drug Problem in Egypt?

The Times yesterday reported that hashish was in short supply in Egypt.

I feel very sorry for them. Not!  They could always drink a nice bottle of Obelisk!

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Cycling Around Cap Ferrat

Over the last two days, I’ve been getting a bit of sun and cycling around Saint Jean Cap Ferrat as far as Beaulieu-sur-Mer one way and Villefranche-sur-Mer the other.  It’s not been all about eating and drinking the occasional glass of rose.

Sadly, there seems to be a shortage of OTT rose.

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I Don’t Drink Enough

Sometimes research gives you a lift.

Spanish research has now shown that drinking a bottle of wine a day is good for your heart.  It’s published in the magazine, Heart, so it’s probably been peer-reviewed.

I’ll drink to that!

But on the other hand if I drunk that much every day, I’d never get any work done!

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