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Allez Les Bleus

I went to Trafalgar Square to see the new installation on the Fourth Plinth.

I was not impressed and I think it’s one of the post pointless pieces of art, I’ve seen since Carl Andre’s bricks or Equivalent VIII.

One point, is that my late wife would have hated it, as she hated live chickens with a passion. She felt they were OK though when they were dead and cooked on a plate.

It’s a bit crass to put a symbol of France in a square to commemorate one of Britain’s bigger victories over France.  At least the England France rugby international in 2014 is taking place in Paris and hopefully this silly object will be gone by the time of the 2015 encounter.

One thing I did notice and that is there is only one clock in Trafalgar Square and that is on St. Martin-in-the-Fields.

Perhaps we need a properly designed clock on the Fourth Plinth!

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The Much-Improved Trafalgar Square

When I was young Trafalgar Square was rather a tacky place, where you went for New Year’s Eve, if you cvould brave it.  Traffic rushed everywhere and the central part was completely cut off from everywhere else.  But look at it now.

It just shows how things can be improved by removing the traffic.

Is there a more impressive important square in a European capital?

The only problem, is that some Ipswich Town fans might protest that the admiral on the column is from Norfolk.

I do have some happy memories of the place from when I stood on the Fourth Plinth.

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I’ve Now Got the One and Other Book

I received Anthony Gormley’s One and Other book on Friday and I’ve now located myself as number 1489.  The person I supported, Janet W, is number 1487.  It was a bit difficult to find us, as the Plinthers are not in alphabetical order, but the order in which they appeared.

This is the video I took, whilst I was on the Fourth Plinth.

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The Plinth Closes

I wasn’t sure how to title this post.  Close is probably best, as ends sounds rather final.  It won’t be the end, as there is so much recording that has been made.  There is my tiny piece for a start.

Incidentally, as I write this, I’m watching the last person come down.  The guy helping her is on my video as he placed me up there.

I did some up my feelings about it this morning though in an e-mail to the BBC. 

Is It Art?

I had no intention of appearing on the plinth, but went to support a friend very early one Sunday morning.  Someone didn’t turn up and I was asked to substitute.  I refused, but eventually relented.

It was strangely invigorating and helped me very much to face the next day, which would have been my 41st wedding anniversary, but sadly my wife had died almost two years previously.

So perhaps it isn’t art in the true sense of the word, but here’s one man, who because of the plinth felt a lot better on a difficult day.

Thanks to Anthony Gormley and everybody else who gave me my one hour in the limelight!

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On the Plinth

I said earlier that yesterday, I ended up on the Fourth Plinth in Trafalgar Sqaure.

Whilst I was on the plinth, I took about thirty minutes of video of what I saw around me.

This is the video. Or at least the edited version after taking out some of the most boring bits.  There are still plenty of those there, so don’t watch it too often.

If you want to see the official one produced by One and Other, then click here.

How I got to be on the plinth is a complicated story.  Let’s say that I came down to support Janet and ended up coming on as a substitute because someone had to cry off at the last minute.  And you know how you have to scape the barrel to get anybody sensible at seven in the morning, as all sane and sensible people are in bed.

But it was all great fun and well worth doing.  It’s probably not too late to go to their web site and register.

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Janet W on the Plinth

Janet W is someone who is also a member of the Yahoo UK-Coeliac list.  I went to support her on Sunday when she did her hour on the Fourth Plinth in Trafalgar Square as part of Anthony Gormley‘s One and Other project.

The video shows her on the plinth.

Click here to see the video footage taken, whilst she was on the plinth by One and Other.

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Fun and Games at the Fourth Plinth

This morning I went to London to support an Internet friend who was appearing on the fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square.  I took a lot of video at seven in the morning and it will be going up soon.

But the twist was, that someone had called off at the last minute, so they went looking for volunteers.  As Sir Arnold Bax once said, “One should try everything once, except incest and folk dancing”.

So I accepted and you can see the result here.

I shall post my video in the next couple of days.

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