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Will People Look Back At the 14th of August 2019 As A Significant Day in History?

On the 14th of August, Stephanie Frappart refereed the 2019 UEFA Super Cup between Chelsea and Liverpool.

This article on the BBC, is entitled Stephanie Frappart: History-Making Referee Praised For Super Cup Performance.

The tone of the title is typical of the comments in various newspapers and on web sites.

There was some criticism for the penalty award to Chelsea, but then many fans and commentators don’t agree with penalty decisions.

I watched all of the match and she and her two female assistants, certainly did a better job, than some officials, I’ve seen in the top two English divisions.

I look forward to the day, when the gender of the referee is irrelevant and they are judged solely on their competence.

Was Wednesday’s Super Cup a first major step towards that goal?


We mustn’t forget that for most countries in the world, football is the most important sport, so the ramifications of Ms. Frappart’s performance, may be greater than we first think!

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Teams Of Even Gender Mix Perform Best, NR Finds

The title of this post is the same as the title of this article in Rail Technology Magazine.

Interesting stuff!

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The Big Difference Between Men And Women

I can always remember from my student days, that if you had a flat full of females, they often worked out to the nearest d., who paid what for things like food. Males usually didn’t bother with exact mathematics.

So fifty years later in a curry house tonight, I was surprised to see two about eighteen-year-old female students doing what C always remarked girls did.

I wonder why this difference exists!  And hasn’t changed!

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