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Hanwell Station – 19th April 2019

These pictures show Hanwell station.

Hanwell station will be unlike any other station on Crossrail.

  • It is Grade II Listed.
  • It doesn’t have a high passenger usage.
  • Platforms will be too short for the Class 345 trains and selected door opening will be used.
  • The stairs up to the platforms must be some of the most Victorian in any station.
  • To complete the station, two lifts are to be installed on the Crossrail platforms.

I do wonder if it could become a tourist attraction for those interests in modern metros and Victorian architecture.

Crossrail To Reading In December 2019

As current rumours are that Crossrail will open in December to Reading, it looks like the station will be ready in all its Victorian splendour..

It is planned that Hanwell station will have a train every ten minutes.

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Hanwell Station – 28th March 2016

I took these pictures as I went over the Hanwell Viaduct and Through Hanwell station.

All seems to be getting ready for electric services to start in May

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Hanwell Station – 10th September 2015

My walk ended at Hanwell station.

It seems to have had a good clean  since my Before Crossrail visit and some small works.

However the real Hanwell station appears to be standing up and it looks like it will be good.

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Hanwell Station Gets A Second Entrance

Hanwell station, which will become a stop on Crossrail, is a Grade II Listed building, which according to Wikipedia, English Heritage says is in very poor condition.

A second entrance on the South side of the line has now been opened.

If this is the standard to which the rest of the station will be refurbished, I suspect that English Heritage will be pleased to update their view of the station.

As I’m writing this, I’m listening to Radio 5, where there has just been a piece talking about a shortage of bricklayers. Obviously, some very good ones were working hard on Hanwell station.

When I visited Hanwell station in October, I gave it a score of 3/10 and said it was a relic from the past.

I now have high hopes, that when this station opens fopr Crossrail, that it will be one of the jewels in London’s new train line.

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Before Crossrail – Hanwell

A Relic From The Past – Rating 3/10

Hanwell station is very much a relic of a time long passed. With a sympathetic refurbishment, it would have a style not unlike that of Birmingham Moor Street.

The station like Slough is a Grade 2 Listed building, but as the pictures show, except for the flowers, very little is what passengers expect these days.

It must have the worst staircases on any station in the UK.

On the other hand a fellow passenger, who was speaking what sounded like an East European language into his phone and to his child, thought it was rather a nice station with lots of heritage.

Finding the station was also difficult and on their web site Crossrail feels Hanwell is very much a station, where a good job can be done. They say this.

Hanwell station is a smaller and comparatively lightly-used station located in a predominantly residential area on a quiet street some distance away from the nearest major road. Despite the attractiveness of the Grade II listed station and the nearby houses, the streetscape generally suffers from inconsistent paving quality and a lack of step-free pedestrian crossings.

It will be a challenge to get this station fit for the twenty-first century.

Ealing Borough Council are also pushing to open up the station on the other side of the tracks. It would certainly make it easier to find the station.

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Crossrail Is Even Now Having A Big Effect On London

Two stories I found today, show the sort of effect Crossrail is going to have on London.

This article from Ealing Today describes how Hanwell is going to get four trains per hour during peak hours of the day. Currently, it would appear it’s less than that. The report says this.

Dr Onkar Sahota, Labour Assembly Member for Ealing & Hillingdon said: “Whether it has been the re-opening of the South entrance to the station or the step-free access to platform level, the good news for Hanwell keeps coming.”

“I am pleased that after so much pressure from across the community, Crossrail have relented and will attempt to deliver four trains during peak hours.”

“I will continue to press the Mayor and Crossrail to ensure that we have a minimum of four trains per hour at all times, and will be watching closely to ensure that Crossrail come good on their pledge to deliver the long awaited Sunday service.”

There is also this report from Easier Property, which discusses how if your near a Crossrail station properties are doing better.  It says this.

According to Hamptons International , transactions for properties within a mile of a Crossrail station grew by 21% in 2013, compared with the London average of 13%, and New Festival Quarter from Bellway Homes certainly echoes this London-wide trend.

And it is still four or five years before the new railway opens.

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