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A Very Bad Level Crossing Problem

I have a Google Alert for “Crossrail” and it picked up this article in This is London, which is entitled How Should This New Malden Level Crossing Be Redeveloped When Crossrail 2 Arrives?. This is said.

Residents are being invited to put forward their views on a New Malden level crossing that could be closed by the arrival of Crossrail 2.

Kingston’s Liberal Democrats are asking residents to come forward with suggestions of how to redevelop the Elm Road level crossing, with the party asking how nearby Dickerage Road and New Malden High Street could cope with the extra traffic.

Possible outcomes according to the party’s consultation could include building of bridge or closing the crossing all together.

To get a better feel, this is a Google Map of the crossing.

Elm Road Level Crossing

Elm Road Level Crossing


This map from shows the lines in the area.

Lines Around New Malden

Lines Around New Malden

Note the other level crossing North of Motspur Park station.

I believe that these maps, show that something must be done, as obviously there probably shouldn’t be any level crossings on a Crossrail route.

There are also other level crossings on the Crossrail 2 route, at or near these stations.

A quick look and my local knowledge of the crossings in the North, make me feel, that none is as difficult as the crossing near New Malden station.

I went to  New Malden station and walked to the crossing.

in some ways at eleven in the morning, the crossing wasn’t that busy. A lot of the traffic was on foot.

At the present time, in the off peak there are six trains an hour going through Norbiton station, to or from the New Malden direction, so this must mean that the barriers go down six times or four if the two trains to Norbiton cross at the level crossing.

Crossrail 2 will mean that the barriers will be down longer in each hour.

  • Crossrail’s Class 345 trains are two hundred metres long, so if Crossrail 2 uses the same trains, these will be longer than the current eight-car trains of a hundred and sixty metres.
  • Crossrail 2 will probably run at a higher frequency.

So something may have to be done.

As the number of pedestrians, buggy-pushers, runners and cyclists will increase,  I think that all solutions would accommodate a bridge or subway, for non-vehicular users.

It might even be possible to dig a shallow subway, with both steps and ramps, under the two tracks of the branch, as has been done at Brimsdown station.

The overall solution depends on how much traffic uses the level crossing.

But as there appears to be no industrial premises, that generate lots of truck traffic nearby, I wonder if the best solution for road traffic, is to keep the road crossing as it is. Perhaps with the addition of improved barriers, displays and warnings.

  • Building a bridge or a tunnel would be a very difficult and disruptive exercise.
  • A bridge would be very expensive, as it would have to go over the main line as well.
  • Still having a crossing would give access for the emergency services, even if they had to wait two or three minutes.
  • This would also mean that someone pushing a wheelchair or a heavy buggy could cross on the level, perhaps after a wait.

I’m sure that the solution to this level crossing will not be one that requires massive expenditure, as after a proper survey, engineers will probably come up with a simple, safe and affordable solution.





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Taking A Train From Platform 1 At West Croydon Station

Platform 1 is the bay platform at West Croydon station. I used it today to get back to London Bridge.

I think it was an eight-car Class 455 train, which the platform accepted easily.

This Google Map shows the station.

West Croydon Station

West Croydon Station

It would appear that if the station is ever redeveloped, there may be space beyond platform 1 for an extra platform.

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A Clever Idea From IKEA

When I was in the kitchen showrooms in IKEA at Tottenham, I noticed that their corner cupboards didn’t have any lights. And we all know that things get lost in corner cupboards.

I have a feeling that our last two designer kitchens didn’t have corner cupboards because lighting them was difficult.

I thought that I’d be able to use IKEA’S OMLOPP LED spotlights, but wiring them can be tricky.

Then I found some IKEA STRIBERG LED strips, so I took one home.

Reading the instructions, when I got home, it appeared they were for wardrobes. But after a bit of experimenting, I found they worked in my corner cupboard. These pictures show it working.

Note that there are two things left to do.

  • The door hinges need to be adjusted to get it straight.
  • A hole needs to be drilled in the back of the cupboard to pass the wire through.

But it certainly works well!


  • There is no wiring to do, as it just plugs together and into a 13 amp socket.
  • Multiple units can be daisy-chained.
  • It comes in various lengths with the 67 cm. version being ideal here.

In my view, it is much easier to install than OMLOPP.

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Bermondsey Dive-Under – 5th June 2016

These pictures were taken ass I came into London Bridge today.

If you compare these pictures with those in Bermondsey Dive-Under – 10th April 2016, there would appear to have been a lot of progress.

It really is becoming an impressive structure, blending the best examples of brick, concrete and steel from the best part of two centuries.

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Infuriating IKEA

In Sorting Out IKEA, I said this.

Ever since Summer 2015, I’ve been unable to purchase anything on-line from IKEA. It is very difficult trying to build a kitchen in phases to have to go to the store to buy or order everything. Especially, when you can’t drive. I am lucky, that I can get a 341 bus to IKEA from about two hundred metres away and can even catch a bus from closer, that uses the same stop as the 341 at Manor House station. So it might take about an hour, but it’s not an arduous journey.

I think that the reason for non-delivery, is that that don’t like my home address, as they use a system that checks it against a list of ones with a large number of problems in the past. These were long before I bought the house.

Things have not changed, and I still can’t buy anything on-line, despite having high credit scores that show no problems.

As I need one cabinet to fill a space, I went to the store at Tottenham to buy one.

But you can’t pick it up, as it has to be delivered. So I ordered it in the store and then had to walk miles to get out to pay for it.

How was my shopping experience? Unnecessary and f**king awful, would be the best description.

I now have something small to buy and I shall have to repeat the process for something that I can hold in one hand.

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The Steptoe Solution

My kitchen is coming on, albeit slowly because of Infuriating IKEA.

These pictures show the current state.

I’m building up to the big finish, where the side by the window gets ripped out and replaced by new units.

Will we find some more of Jerry’s Wonderful Wiring.

Jerry's Wonderful Wiring

Jerry’s Wonderful Wiring

Or even worse, as there is plumbing and water involved.

So I can’t guarantee that, we’ll be able to plan how long the shut-down of my water and washing-up facilities will be.

On the other side of the kitchen, a wall had to be rebuilt, so I suspect that getting the wiring and the plumbing correct to accept the new units will probably take a couple of days.

I haven’t got another big sink upstairs, but I do have a very small one in my bedroom, where I could wash plates and put them in the shower to dry.

As to washing saucepans and other larger utensils, it will be a Steptoe Solution, as used by Harold to wash his clothes, when he had a bath.

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Why I Support Cancer Research UK

In yesterday’s post; There’s More To Liverpool Than Football And The Beatles, I talked about how researchers at Liverpool University had developed a better prostate cancer treatment. I posted this from an An article in The Guardian.

The ESPAC trials, which began publishing findings in 2004, showed that chemotherapy with gemcitabine brings five-year survival up to 15-17%, doubling the rate of survival with surgery alone. The latest research, presented at theAmerican Society of Clinical Oncology meeting in Chicago, showed the two-drug combination nearly doubles the survival rate again to 29%.

It showed, said Neoptolemos, that chemotherapy does work in pancreatic cancer, even though most attention in cancer research is now focused onimmunotherapy, and precision or targeted medicine.

But the trial would not have happened without funding from the charity CancerResearch UK (CRUK), because both drugs are old and off-patent, meaning they can be made by any generic drug manufacturer and are consequently cheap. Drug companies would not foot the bill for such a trial because the profits to be made are small.

“This is an academic-led presentation,” said Neoptolemos. “This shows the enormous value of CRUK. Without them, none of this would have happened. There is a lot of pressure [on doctors] to do drug company trials because you get £2,000 to £3,000 a patient. For something like this, you don’t get anything. It has been quite tough to do.”

That is a very strong endorsement of Cancer Research UK.

Today, there is this story on the BBC web site, which is entitled Bowel cancer: Stents ‘may prevent need for colostomy bags’. This is said.

Bowel cancer patients may avoid the need for colostomy bags if they are first treated by having an expandable tube inserted at the site of their blockage, cancer doctors have said.

The new approach, presented at the world’s biggest cancer conference, showed that the tube, or stent, cut the risk of complications from surgery.

The trial took place at Central Manchester University Hospitals! And who funded the trial? Cancer Research UK!

So I shall keep supporting the work of Cancer Research UK!

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