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Israel Should Be Funding Alternative Energy, Not Another Gas Pipeline

The title of the post, is the same as that of this article from The Jerusalem Post.

This is the introductory sub-title.

A pipeline only serves interests of the gas tycoons and not the taxpayers or the environmentally minded residents of the region.

The pipeline is proposed to run to Eilat in the South of Israel, which is an area, that gets enough sun for most of its electricity needs.

Some points from the article.

  • Jordan will be 100 % daytime solar by 2030.
  • Israel could be 100 % daytime solar by 2030.
  • The Arava region of Israil will achieve this aim, by the end of this year.

The article gives an interesting insight into how you get electricity, when you have plenty of sun.

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A Beam Of Hope In The MIddle East

Science is an area of life, where generally political and other prejudices are left behind. Get the facts right and the answers are generally good, but try to say follow extreme left or right wing views and they just don’t fit scientific facts.

So this article on the BBC’s web site about Sesame, a large synchrotron being built in Jordan, is a real beam of hope.  Even the Israelis and the Iranians are working together on the project.

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