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Krakow – A City Of Maps, Clocks, Trams And Gluten Free Food

Krakow is well-known for its buildings, but I found some other things equally fascinating in a delightful city.

All of the maps, clocks, trams and excellent gluten-free food, made the city a real joy to explore and I would recommend the city to anybody.

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A Large Map With Seats

This double-sided map with seats was close to a busy intersection in Krakow.

A Large Map With Seats

A Large Map With Seats

I don’t think it was the only one.

I like this and it helps to solve the problem of maps in a busy city centre. It looks like the map is also not necessarily permanent, so could be easily moved to a more important location or taken away to a workshop to be refurbished and fitted with a new map.

The map and seats doesn’t look particularly new, so it probably says that sometimes the old proven ideas are the best.

Incidentally, the map, as nearly all in Krakow, was very easy to understand.

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Bins With Roofs On

These seemed to be unique to Krakow.


But surely to stop birds emptying bins they are a good idea.

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From Krakow To Katowice

This was an early leg, as I wanted to get to Katowice in time to have a look round before my train left at 12:22 for Prague.

The journey was pleasant enough in an electric suburban train.

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Supper By Krakow Castle

I had supper at a restaurant called Pod Baranem, that I’d found with Google.

It was excelklent and so was the Cydr Lubelski

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Krakow Castle

I didn’t visit Krakow Castle, but as I walked round it before my supper I took these pictures.

It certainly is impressive and I’ll have a proper look next time I go to the city.

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An Event In Krakov

As I walked back to the hotel after lunch, it appeared an event was about to take place in the main square.

My timing was wrong to wait, so I didn’t see any action.

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An Almost Vegetarian Lunch At Chimera In Krakow

I found Chimera in the pocket guide of Krakow I took with me.

There is some tuna in the salad, but for vegetarians, that is of course optional.

It is well worth a visit, as this review in Trip Advisor says.

As to location, the restaurant is just a short walk from Rynek Główny.

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An Excursion To Nowa Huta

Nowa Huta literally means the New Steel Mill and was originally built by the Soviet Union. Because of the town’s history, and the part it and the nearby Lenin Steelworks,  played in the removal of the Soviet Union’s hold over Poland, I just had to go and have a look.

I took a tram from Rondo Mogilskie and it was a pleasant ride to the Easternmost area of Krakow. I then had a stroll in a park and caught the trams back to the centre.

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A Morning In Krakow

I walked up to the train station and bought my tickets for Prague first thing and then I walked around Rynek Główny and did a bit of exploring on the trams.

Krakow is one of those cities with quite a lot to see early in the morning.

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