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Design For Safety In A New Station

I took these pictures at the new Lea Bridge station


  • There is a series of cameras, that display images of the complete train on the screens for the driver.
  • Speakers and CCTV cameras are everywhere along the platforms.
  • Very little seems to have been left to chance.

I doubt, even a driver, who was in the midst of some unfortunate personal emergency would miss anything untoward happening on the platform.

But even if they collapsed, it would be hoped that other safety systems on the train, would cut the power.

As a passenger and engineer, the setup of the platform, certainly reassured me.

Should we make sure, that the safety systems at all stations are as comprehensive as this?

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Using Lea Bridge Station For A Purpose

After going to IKEA, as I often do, when I only have one blue bag, I caught the first bus that appeared of either a 192 to Tottenham Hale station or a 341 to the area of Hackney, where I live.

It was a 192 and I took it, now that I have four trains to choose from at Tottenham Hale station.

  • A train to Liverpool Street via Hackney Downs.
  • A train to Stratford via the Lea Bridge station.
  • A direct Liverpool Street train.
  • A Victoria Line train.

The first two would be the most preferable, as a bus can take me to fifty metres from my home from either Hackney Downs or Lea Bridge stations.

I could also take a 76 bus to Dalston Junction station. That bus is not as slow as the 341, which gives you a mystery tour of a lot of Haringey and tends to get stuck in the traffic of Tottenham High Road.

As I walked into the station, the first train was announced as a Stratford train via Lea Bridge and by running across the bridge, I was able to get on a fairly crowded train.

Five minutes later and I was on the platform at Lea Bridge station.

After a walk of about a hundred metres with no bridges, two steps and two light-controlled crossing, I was at the bus stop. But I’d just missed the 56 bus, that takes me directly home. So I took the first bus that arrived to Clapton Pond, where I got on one of the frequent 38 buses to my house.

It may seem complicated compared to taking the Victoria Line to Highbury and Islington station, but that station is a 1960s monstrosity, built when the disable didn’t go out or even exist. Walking routes in the long tunnels and bus access at Highbury and Islington is not good either.

But Lea Bridge station is already proving its worth. Several people on the train had used the new station and a young lady at the station said she used the station a lot.

But the station needs more trains and two trains per hour is not enough, especially when Angel Road station is upgraded.

I have a feeling that the forecast traffic through this station will be in the same class as those for the Borders Railway.

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The People Of London Welcome Lea Bridge Station

In the absence of any visible presence of the great and good, this evening about a hundred of the people of London welcomed the first train into Lea Bridge station since 1985.

In fact two trains turned up together and the pictures show the greetings and my trip to Stratford and back again.

All the station needs now is the reopening of the Hall Farm Curve, so that services can be run between Chingford and Stratford via the stations between St. James Street and Highams Park.

I can see this becoming a very busy station in a developing part of London.

  • The Stratford to Angel Road station service is down to be improved as the big housing site at Meridian Water is developed.
  • A Chingford/Walthamstow to Stratford service must certainly happen if the Hall Farm Curve is built.
  • A Chingford/Walthamstow to Stratford service must surely take the pressure off the overcrowded Victoria Line and provide alternative routes to the Central Line and the current Chingford Branch.
  • Crossrail will push services to get more passengers to its station at Stratford.

For myself, I’d like to see a Stansted service at the station, as I’d just get a 56 bus to the station. But will the Airport want a service to Stratford, rather than an improved and faster service to Liverpool Street.

I might even use this station to get to Stratford, if a higher frequency of trains ran through the station to Stratford.

But who knows, where the good burghers of Waltham Forest and their politicians will push Transport for London after getting the most important and expensive improvement completed?

I think congratulations are very much in order for the successful completion of this station.

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It’s Less Than Twenty Days Until The Rail Timetable Change

The new rail timetable for the UK comes into affect on the 15th May 2016.

The Oracle (the National Railweb site) has a page that lists all the timetable changes. This page gives all the changes for December 2015.

But where is the page for May 2016?

Some of the changes are reflected in the timetables, like the start of services from Lea Bridge station, which I wrote about in The Full Service From Lea Bridge Station Starts On The 16th May 2016.

But other services are not in the on-line timetable!

Some companies also seem to have decided that not to publicise their plans for May 2016.

It is just not good enough!


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The Full Service From Lea Bridge Station Starts On The 16th May 2016

I have just used the National Rail Journey Planner to look at a journey between Lea Bridge and Stratford stations at nine o’clock on the 16th May 2016.

I got this very sensible result.

The First Day Of A Full Service From Lea Bridge Station

The First Day Of A Full Service From Lea Bridge Station

As this was the earliest day, I could get trains at this time in the morning, I suspect the station opens on this day for a full service.

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Lea Bridge Station – 28th December 2015

Things are moving on apace at Lea Bridge station.

The first pictures show a new bridge and cycle route alongside Lea Bridge Road, so it’s not just a station that’s being built.

What surprised me, is that you can clearly see the yellow warning lines on the platform faces. I would have thought that this would have been one of the last jobs to be done!

The station certainly looks to be on track to be completed in the first half of next year. Will it be opened in time for the timetable change in May 2016?

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Developments At And Around Lea Bridge Station

These are the latest pictures I took of the station on September the 21st.

The pictures also show that around the area of the station are a large amount of industrial units, some of which couldn’t be described as high class, by any means. This Google Map shows the area.

Around Lea Bridge Station

Around Lea Bridge Station

The station is being built in the curve of Argall Way, where the railway goes under Lea Bridge Road. The dreadful bridge over the railway can be spitted where Argall Way branches away from the railway at the top of the image.

97, Lea Bridge Road is picked out as that is a site owned by Bywater. According to this report from the Guardian series of local papers, the site and several others in the area are slated for the development of a thousand houses. This is the first two paragraphs.

Two huge housing developments will be discussed next week as developers look to build hundreds of homes in Waltham Forest.

Separate sites in Leyton could be transformed into new neighbourhoods after ambitious plans are put to Waltham Forest council.

Is the station the chicken or the egg?

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Lea Bridge Station – 13th September 2015

The progress at Lea Bridge station seems to be mainly clearing the site.

They were even working today, which is a Sunday.

But then the railway through the site had been closed off, as the pictures show.


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Work On Lea Bridge Station Has Officially Started

I have found a couple of news reports that Volker Fitzpatrick have now started to build Lea Bridge station.

But both are subscription only, so I suspect they wouldn’t like me to cut and paste them.

There is this press release on the Waltham Forest web site, which has been used by the two reports I found. This is the first paragraph.

Commuters in east London’s Leyton will soon be able to reach two of the capital’s key transport hubs in the time it takes to make a cup of tea. After 30 years of closure, Lea Bridge Station is re-opening to passengers next year, marking the culmination of a 15 year vision for Waltham Forest Council.

A report in the Yellow Advertiser says this about the design of the station.

The new building is to include two new platforms, a new footbridge and lifts, station canopy, ticket vending machines, Oyster readers, waiting shelters, help points and cycle storage.

So I suspect we’ll see a Grand Opening when the timetables change around the end of May.

Let’s hope Volker Fitzpatrick get their skates on!

It would be great, if the reinstatement of the Hall Farm Curve could be approved by the Government, so that passengers can get from Walthamstow and Chingford to Stratford.

Opening the Hall Farm Curve and providing perhaps a half-hourly service between Walthamstow/Chingford area and Lea Bridge/Stratford, would create an easy link for the area to Crossrail. If they used the footbridge and/or lifts at Lea Bridge station, this would give access between the area and up the Lea Valley to Stansted Airport and Cambridge.

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Lea Bridge Station – 8th July 2015

I took these pictures from a train going past the site of Lea Bridge station.

They’ve certainly put up a load of fences, but not much else.

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