The Anonymous Widower

My Hand Appears To Be Healed

I went to see the nurse this morning and the wound looked so bad and yellow, when she took the dressing off, she got another nurse for a second opinion.

But after a good scratch from a rubber-gloved hand, she said, I wouldn’t need to come back.

I took this picture, when I got home.

Obviously, my odd collection of Jewish, Huguenot and Devonian genes are using all their survival instincts to mend my secondary hand.

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My Hand Is Mending Well

I took this picture in the GP’s surgery of my hand without a dressing.

The nurse felt, that it won’t be long before I can dispense with the plaster.

Aren’t bodies wonderful, how they can heal themselves! That wound is about twenty days old!

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My Hand Appears To Be Healing

I just took this picture of my poor left hand.

Compare this picture with this second picture, which I took soon after the accident.

The scabs have gone and the plaster is smaller.

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Getting Ready For A Bath

At least I can have a bath now, but I have to put a glove over my plaster.

It seems to work well, although finding the gloves in the shops is difficult.

This one was scrounged from the GP’s surgery, when the excellent nurse changed the dressing.

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Micturition Syncope

It is now appearing that I most likely suffered from micturition syncope.

This is from Wikipedia.

Micturition syncope or post-micturition syncope is the name given to the human phenomenon of fainting shortly after or during urination. The underlying cause is not fully understood but it may be a result of vasovagal response, postural hypotension, or a combination thereof.

People often become pale, lightheaded, nauseated, sweaty and weak before they lose consciousness. Sometimes defecating, coughing, or severe vomiting may cause fainting in a similar way.

In some ways I think I have been lucky. This picture was taken forty-eight hours after I fell.

I’m looking and feeling a bit better now!

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Daily Bulletin – March 7th, 2020

I seem to be getting weaker in my left leg every morning.

Look at this picture of my left toes.

They are all dry with the nails in a bad way.

This second picture shows how the left foot is redder than the right.

I’ve noticed this before in my life and I certainly have a problem with my left knee, which I told my doctor about three months ago. As he suggested it, I now wear a support bandage, which doesn’t seem to help much.

Could it be that the reason I fell last Friday night was that the knee just gave up?

Blood Pressure

I’ve just measured it at 08:10. It was 132/47/75.

An Aside On My Physical Health

Every morning and evening until I had the fall, I used to do twelve sets of physical exercises; including press-ups, Superman stretches and arm openings. I used to finish by standing for twenty seconds straight on each leg.

I can still do the right leg for twenty seconds, but I can’t do more than a few on the left without support.

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A Medical Bulletin On Myself

About two on Saturday morning, I got out of bed to go to the toilet and tripped into the en-suite bathroom causing myself a head injury. I also cut my hand, but what on I do not know! I suspect, that I knocked myself out and when I woke up, my bedroom and living room was like a murder scene with blood everywhere.

The Royal London patched me up, putting a large plaster on my left hand and I stayed Saturday night in the hospital.

My son brought me home on Sunday and I slept that night at home.

On Monday, the cleaners tidied up the mess.

Tuesday, I called 999 again, as I was on the point of falling over and the Royal London found my blood pressure was low, when I stood up. It had been like that, when I had my stroke in Hong Kong and they had to resort to using old-fashioned mercury blood pressure meters.

There was no extra damage and I came home in a taxi.

I’m a bit more normal today, although I seem very sleepy and my INR is just 1.2. 111 told me to start Warfarin yesterday. Which I did!

I shall watch the football on the television and go to bed tonight.

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All Cleaned Up Now!

My house is now all cleaned up!

Thanks to the good people at

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Will I Get Coronavirus?

Everybody is saying that washing hands regularly in soap and water, is the best defence against the coronavirus.

How do I wash this hand?


Wish great difficulty, I assume.

All Boots could sell me was a packet of Milton Baby Wipes.

Let’s hope they work.

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An Accident In My Bedroom

I awork on Saturday morning to find myself in a bedroom covered in blood and a living room next door with half as much.

It appeared, that I’d fallen over the bathroom step in the middle of the night and banged my head on the toilet.

I ended up spending a night in the Royal London Hospital and they fixed me up well!

It is now Monday morning and the first picture says a lot. Note the the mat by the step is out of line. It slipped, I then tripped over the step and hit my head on the basin. There is olso an overturned stool in the bathroom, which I must have fallen on and this probably did more damage.

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