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Exercise On The Go In Brussels

I saw this crazy device, called a Workstation, with a guy peddling away on it, in Brussels Midi station.

Exercise On The Go In Brussels

Exercise On The Go In Brussels

I suppose, I could do with a bit more exercise!

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It’s Gibbon Time

I took a New Bus for London up to Piccadilly Circus this afternoon and it was surprisingly busy for a Sunday afternoon.

A Busy New Bus for London

When I got off, I used the rear staircase and I found that the vertical hand holds were alternated for my left and right hands.  So I swung down the bus like a gibbon.  I’m not sure, whether all buses are like that on the top deck.  But if they are not, they should be! The slightly rough texture of the hand holds also gives a good grip for my gammy left hand.

Incidentally, note in the picture, how the handholds slant outwards.  Does this effectively make the gangway wider? Or just appear so?  I must take my tape measure with me to check!

After all, when you are rehabilitating from a stroke, like I am, isn’t it a bit cheaper to get free exercise in everything you do?

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Shower and Exercise

My morning regime has changed now that I live alone.

Our/my bedroom used to have a two large wardrobes and since I only need one now, I removed the wardrobe, extended the bathroom and put a walk-in shower in the extra space.  It has no door and is electronically controlled so that I just switch it on and never bother about the temperature.  It has been completely reliable.

After my shower, I perform a set of exercises for my shoulder.  As I said in Bullying, this has almost completely cured the problem, so it is very much worth doing.

But it does set me up for the day.

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