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My Hand Is Mending Well

I took this picture in the GP’s surgery of my hand without a dressing.

The nurse felt, that it won’t be long before I can dispense with the plaster.

Aren’t bodies wonderful, how they can heal themselves! That wound is about twenty days old!

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Walking Through De Beauvoir Town

I took these pictures as I walked through de Beauvoir Town, as I walked through today on my way to and from the doctor’s to get my hand dressed.

There wasn’t many people about and I perhaps only got within three metres to one person and her dog.

What would help would be a few seats, so that elderly people like me could take a break.

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Flying Taxi Start-Up Raises $240m From Existing Investors Led By Tencent

The title of this post, is the same as that as this article on the Financial Times.

This is the introductory paragraph.

Lilium, a German flying taxi start-up, has raised $240m from existing investors led by Chinese technology group Tencent to fund the next stage of its growth.

The article has a picture of the Lilium Jet, which looks to be an interesting design.

  • It is an electric VTOL aircraft.
  • Power comes from no less than thirty-six electric motors driving ducted fans.
  • The fans will tilt for take-off and landing.
  • Maximum speed will be 190 mph, with a cruise of 170 mph.
  • Range will be 300 kilometres or 186 miles
  • Total installed power is 320 kW.
  • Less than 150 kW will be needed for cruise.
  • A MW (?) battery will be fitted according to Wikipedia. Do they mean MWh?
  • It can carry two passengers with five from 2025.
  • Empty weight is 440 Kg.
  • Maximum take-off is 640 Kg.
  • Initially, it will have a pilot, but the aim is for a completely autonomous aircraft.

Lilium aims to run a city-to-city taxi service starting in 2025.

I have a few thoughts.


There have been a lot of developments in aerodynamics in the last few years and the Lilium Jet and other electric aircraft like the Eviation Alice take full advantage of the developments.

So don’t expect electric aircraft to look convectional, unless perhaps they are an electric-engined conversion of an existing conventional aircraft!


The structure of aircraft is getting lighter and Airbus and Boeing with the 787 Dreamliner are showing what is possible.

Will an empty weight of 440 Kg be possible? Especially, if that includes the battery.

The Wikipedia figures allow a payload of 200 Kg. That must be only two passengers.


Wikipedia talks about a one MW battery, but I suspect they mean one MWh, as this is the unit of battery capacity.

In Sparking A Revolution, I quoted Hitachi’s predictions and suggested that they could have a five-tonne battery, that held 15 MWh by 2035.

This would mean that a one MWh battery would weigh 333 Kg.

This must be near to the target weight of the battery needed to power a Lilium Jet.

But a one MWh battery that weighs just 333 Kg. would be a tough ask given the limitations of today’s battery chemistry.


Wikipedia says this about a fire.

The first prototype was destroyed by fire during maintenance on 27 February 2020.

As the Eviation Alice also suffered a fire, are these aircraft pushing batteries too hard.


I am sceptical about some of the figures quoted for the Lilium Jet in Wikipedia.

When I see the following.

  • A Lilium Jet in the air, taking-off and landing.
  • Two passengers flying in the aircraft.
  • A Lilium Jet on a set of scales.

I’ll revise my opinion.

There is this video.

Obviously, I’m doing something wrong in my calculations.

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Partners On Board For In-Cab Signalling Project On East Coast Main Line

The title of this post, is the same as that of this article on Rail Advent.

This is the introductory paragraph.

Network Rail has announced that it has brought Siemens and Atkins on as its partners in a project to introduce in-cab signalling on the southern section of the East Coast Main Line.

It is good, that a start is being made on this significant project, which should increase capacity between Kings Cross and Doncaster.

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All Along The South Coast

Taking the figures from this page on the BBC for the total number of COVID-19 cases and population for Health Authorities along the South Coast, we get the following.

  • Plymouth – 11 – 263,100 – 23,900
  • Devon – 43 – 795,286 – 18,500
  • Dorset – 11 – 376,484 – 34,200
  • Bournemouth – 12 – 395,784 – 33,100
  • Southampton – 11 – 252,796 – 23,000
  • Hampshire – 156 -1,376,316 – 8,800
  • Portsmouth – 25 – 215,133 – 8,600
  • West Sussex – 27 – 858,852 – 31,800
  • Brighton and Hove – 17 – 290,395 – 17,100
  • East Sussex – 9 – 554,590 – 7,400
  • Kent – 48 -1,568,623 – 32,700

Note the last figure is the number of residents per confirmed case. I would have thought that as the areas are similar, the last figure would be fairly constant.

The mean of the last figure is 21,700, with a standard deviation of 9,900.

It is my view that the standard deviation is too high, if all the areas were using the same health policies.

So I think testing methods are a bit variable!

Hopefully, the figures will settle down or those clever guys at Imperial will make sense of it all, in the next few days.


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Lancashire’s Eden Project Encouraged By Survey Results

The title of this post is the same as that of this article on the Lancashire Post.

Apparently, 99 % of those surveyed were in favour.

More can be found at

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