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Proceeding Along Oxford Street

I took the 390 to the vicinity of Bond Street station, so I could get a Central line train to Liverpool Street station for my train to Ipswich for the football.

It was rather a round about route from my home, but the pictures show what a good camera platform a New Bus for London is.

Note the crowds at the X-shaped crossing at Oxford Circus, which is a very busy area.

I prefer my idea for an elevated walkway, as I proposed here.

I think that in a few years time, we’ll think that running through shopping streets like Oxford Street, will be one of the best places for New Buses for London.

They will make a good window shopping vehicle for the lazy or a simple way to check out which shops you are going to visit. So you can do that on all double-deck buses, but New Buses for London are a much better viewing platform.

Loading buses with passengers on Oxford Street and similar shopping streets, is often a frustrating and slow process, but the three doors and two staircases should speed it up and hasten those wanting to get out of the area on their way.

But the biggest advantage of the New Buses for London, is that you can enter with a baby in a buggy or heavy parcels, though the middle door, swiping your card as you go. This will be a lot easier, than fighting in at the front.


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New Buses for London On The Euston Road

The route 390 from Archway to Notting Hill Gate from this morning is using New Buses for London.

These pictures were taken on the Euston Road, in the vicinity of Kings Cross and St. Pancras stations, which now have a bus to compliment their own good design.

If you wan t to go in the Archway direction, you will just walk onto Kings Cross Square and pick up the bus along Euston Road.  To go to Oxford Street and Notting Hill Gate, you need to cross the road.

I think that when they’ve finished the building work, it will be a lot better than it is at present.

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New Buses for London To Venture South

It is being reported that from February 2014, route 148 from Denmark Hill/Camberwell Green to White City is going to be converted to New Buses for London.

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A New Bus for London Gets Lost

My Google Alert for “New Bus for London” picked up this story from Ipswich in the local evening paper. Here’s the first paragraph.

People in Ipswich will have the chance to travel around the town on a new London bus this week.

I’ve looked up the free Ipswich shuttle bus, on which the New Bus for London is running and the details are here. Effectively, it runs around the town centre linking the various shopping areas and car parks.

It is an idea that many towns and cities could use.  In fact I think Ipswich had such a route in the 1970s and Liverpool certainly did until the infamous 1960s bus strike.

If you are going to have such a free bus route, what better bus than a New Bus for London is there for the job. It’s very low emission, the access for the disabled and buggies is excellent and with three doors and an open platform, it loads and unloads quickly. If it’s free, you don’t even have to bother with a fare collection and a conductor, although it probably helps to have someone to organise the passengers in busy times.

There are some excellent photos here on David Warren’s Flickr Photostream.

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A New Bus For London On Route 27

I was surprised to see this New Bus for London, all dressed up as being on route 27 and going to Turnham Green.

A New Bus For London On Route 27

A New Bus For London On Route 27

But note that the bus is in Metroline livery and route 27 is contracted to London United.

The clue to this sighting was round the corner, where they were filming the new Paddington Bear film.

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An Unexpected Positive Benefit Of The New Bus for London

This story from Toy News, tells how Corgi are increasing their range of New Bus for London models.

At £36.99 each, somebody must be making some money.

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The Hackney Eight Have Got Tail-Gunners Again

I got the 38 bus back from the Angel this morning, travelling on one of the Hackney Eight.

They’ve now got tail-gunners for the next four weeks as an experiment, according to the driver.

What we really need on the 38, is reinforcements for the loyal eight New Buses for London, we have!

Why shouldn’t the residents of Hackney, Clapton and Islington, not be able to travel First Class?

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New Buses For London Arrive At Liverpool Street

New Buses for London are now operating out of Liverpool Street station.

What better way is there now to show children Central London, if Liverpool Street is your London terminus? You just take the escalator up to the bus station and go to stop C, where you board one on route 11. Wikipedia says this about route 11.

The bus route passes many tourist attractions such as Westminster Cathedral, Westminster Abbey, Methodist Central Hall Westminster, St Margaret’s, Westminster, Churchill War Rooms, The Cenotaph, Downing Street entrance, Banqueting House, Horse Guards Parade, Admiralty House, Trafalgar Square, Royal Courts of Justice, Prince Henry’s Room, St Dunstan-in-the-West, St Bride’s Church, St Martin, Ludgate, St Paul’s Cathedral, St Mary Aldermary, Mansion House, and Bank of England.

it will get even better when the route gets its full compliment of new buses and they finish the works at the station for Crossrail.

Will this updating of route 11, help to solve one of London’s worst cross-London transfers between Liverpool Street and Victoria, as this route goes very close to that station for journeys to the south of London? At a quieter time, I would certainly take the bus, but that is always the best way to get round Liverpool Street station’s lack of Underground lines going south!

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Londoners Still Love The Hackney Eight

I was coming home from the Angel last night, when one of the Hackney Eight showed its distinctive shape coming from the direction of Saddlers Wells.

As it approached the stop, prospective passengers walked past the 56 that many of them, like me, could have taken and waited for a few seconds for the New Bus for London to arrive.

Why don’t Transport for London do the right thing and convert route 38 to the new buses?

But then us plebs in Hackney don’t count for much, as BT have shown by their non-delivery of fibre-optic broadband.

If the 38 went to Archway in Islington, it would have been converted by now!


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Number 11 Goes New Bus For London

I took a ride on a number 11 and despite the unfortunate accident, they seemed to be running well.

Number 11 Goes New Bus For London

Number 11 Goes New Bus For London

Are they proving to be a posh bus for the posh parts of London?

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