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Spicy Ginger Crunchy Cookies From Kent And Fraser

I bought these Kent and Fraser biscuits in the Waitrose in the Brunswick Centre.

Spicy Ginger Crunchy Cookies From Kent And Fraser

Spicy Ginger Crunchy Cookies From Kent And Fraser

They were delicious and a real surprise.

They were also very good for dunking.

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Smoking In Kings Cross Square

As an experienced police officer said, when I visited earlier in the day, you have to give people somewhere to smoke, until the habit dies out.

One of the East Coast crew, I talked to, said that there should be an area for non-smokers.

But perhaps the most amazing comment I heard, was from a man, who actually asked one of the cleaners in the square, would she mind if he smoked.

I don’t know whether he did, but he had asked the question in a very sheepish manner.

So does an efficient cleaning team, waiting to pounce on a dog end, make smokers feel guilty?

I think it will be very difficult to predict if smoking is allowed in the square in say five years time.

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The New Waiting Room At Kings Cross Station

I returned to Kings Cross Square to take a few more pictures.

It would appear that the public has got the hang of the new square and is using it as a waiting room.

Everybody seemed very happy with the square and the sunshine.

One of the East Coast crew jokingly moaned about the lack of anybody selling ice cream. But who’d have thought that they’d be selling ice cream in front of Kings Cross station. They don’t yet, but the area today was a good sun-trap.

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Kings Cross Square Opens

I went to Kings Cross Square this morning to see the opening.

In the end I had to leave before the actual opening.

I liked the new Kings Cross Square a lot and it is good addition to London. The biggest advantage to me of the square, is that when I’m say travelling from West London to my home in Dalston, it gives me a much better route home. Instead of walking for miles through the labyrinth at Kings Cross to get from the Piccadilly line to the Northern for The Angel and a 38 bus, I think now I’ll surface and walk across the square to a 30 or 73 bus, which will get me more or less to my home. If it’s fine, I can even sit in the sun away from the traffic, while I wait for the bus. If it’s raining the bus stops are much bigger than they were before the development started.

The other thing about the square is that is now a wonderful place to meet someone for a bit of business. Or perhaps to start a date or a visit to the theatre or the cinema!

So that seems to be Kings Cross station virtually finished, with Paddington and London Bridge stations, well on their way.

When do we get started on the terrible dump we call Euston? Or it is Eusless?

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Londoners Still Love The Hackney Eight

I was coming home from the Angel last night, when one of the Hackney Eight showed its distinctive shape coming from the direction of Saddlers Wells.

As it approached the stop, prospective passengers walked past the 56 that many of them, like me, could have taken and waited for a few seconds for the New Bus for London to arrive.

Why don’t Transport for London do the right thing and convert route 38 to the new buses?

But then us plebs in Hackney don’t count for much, as BT have shown by their non-delivery of fibre-optic broadband.

If the 38 went to Archway in Islington, it would have been converted by now!


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Bondage In Trumpington

I like this story from the BBC, as it has all of the threads that make up an ideal story for the tabloids or a steamy novel.

Trumpington is a picturesque village with an interesting history. They even had a bed burial and Chaucer based the Reeve’s Tail there. Now srely a bed burial is rather kinky!

I even went to a reception there, after two members of C’s chambers had tied the knot.

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A Comeback for Europe’s Wildlife

This report on the BBC is to be welcomed.

As I found in Sweden, bears, wolves, beavers and moose are all thriving.

The trouble comes, when animals like urban foxes and badgers become a menace because they are too numerous.

We need to make sure we manage the consequences properly.

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