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How To Store Excess Wind Power Underwater

The title of this post, is the same as that of this article on the BBC.

The article talks why batteries are needed and then describes the Ocean Battery.

But one firm, which won a 2022 Best of Innovation award at the CES technology show earlier this year, believes it has the solution.

Dutch startup, Ocean Grazer, has developed the Ocean Battery, which stores energy below the wind farm.

When there is excess electricity the system pumps water from an underground reservoir into tough, flexible bladders that sit on the sea bed. You could think of them like big bicycle inner tubes.

The water in those tubes is under pressure, so when it is released the water flows quickly and is directed through turbines, also on the sea bed, generating electricity when needed.

“The Ocean Battery, is effectively based on the same technology as hydro storage, where water is pumped back through a dam in a river, though we have transformed it into something you can deploy on the sea bed,” says chief executive Frits Bliek.

There is a visualisation of the system and a picture of their prototype.

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