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Peruvian Gluten Free Food At Camden Lock

I had lunch at Camden Lock today, after the horse had passed through.

It was a rather tasty grilled chicken, with a vegetable salad and rice. Judging by the size of the chicken breasts she was cooking, the birds were probably the size of rheas.  But they were very tender.

Sorry about the thumb in front of the lens.

C wouldn’t have liked them.  Note the broccoli, which was her least favourite vegetable. Except for cauliflower that is! Mine is pak choi, as I got so much in hospital in Hong Kong.

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England Against Ukraine at Cricket

Radio 5 has announced this morning that an English touring cricket club is in Ukraine.  Apparently there are eight cricket clubs in Kiev.

I can’t help being reminded of the very funny Michael Bentine sketch, where he was taking cricket to the natives, in some unnamed country.  The last line as he held up a box, was.

And this is 27s. and 6d.

Classic humour from the only Peruvian born in Watford.

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