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Are Booze Cruises On The Way Back?

With Scotland likely to make it more difficult for Scottish residents to buy booze, this article indicates that booze cruises might be on their way back.

All it proves is that Newton was right.

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

He may have been talking about mechanics and his laws of motion, but it also applies to the rules imposed by governments.

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I Didn’t Believe My Eyes

As I walked past the cafe on the way to supper tonight, I caught in the corner of my eyes, a very distinctive picture.  A lady of about thirty or so, was standing by the counter and everything about her looked familiar from her height, the type of summer dress she was wearing, her shoulders, her well-toned arms and her dark blonde hair cut short in a modern version of the classic sixties style.

It could have been C standing there! Except that looking at a picture of her now, her hair always had the odd natural curl, that just wouldn’t stay in place. And of course, the lady in the cafe was about thirty years younger.

So I just pulled myself together and walked on.

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Disruptive Innovation

I’ve not heard the term before, but read this article.  It starts with this question and answer.

Question: what do these companies have in common?

Skype, Spotify, Marks and Spencer, Whipcar, Zopa, Zilok, Kiva, Patagonia, Kickstarter, Café Direct, Taskrabbit, Buzzcar and InterfaceFLOR.

Two of my favourite innovators; Zopa and Kiva are mentioned in the same breath as quite a few companies like, Skype, Spotify and M&S.

If the article has a fault, it’s that it misses out a couple of well known names, who the writer would call disruptive innovators.

I would have thought ARM Holdings and Dyson should be on the list. And I would think that a certain company called Metier Management Systems was one of the first! So we were only a shark in a small pond, but we completely rebuilt the pond.

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The Highbury Corner littleWaitrose Just Gets Better

It’s now got goat’s milk and St. Peter’s beer and look at these two images of their free-from shelves.

It’s certainly a better selection than some of their bigger stores, with a very good selection from their range of gluten free products, like biscuits, cakes and bread.

The only products I can’t get are things that are heavy with a long shelf life, like beer and cleaning products, but I get those delivered from the Waitrose at the Angel, after buying them in-store. Incidentally, I haven’t used on-line shopping for groceries since I moved here.

A further point, is that later tonight, I checked the High Holborn littleWaitrose and the goods stocked and the layout of the Free From area, appeared to be the same or virtually so.

If this is a policy, I like it, as it means I can pick up a snack by just asking where the shelves are located. Assuming of course, that they haven’t run out.

So what would I change in a perfect world.

1. Waitrose usually has the EatNatural breakfast museli with buckwheat, whereas I prefer theone with vine fruit and have to buy it from Sainsburys.

2. The St. Helen’s Farm Goats Milk Yoghurt is not available in littleWaitroses.

3. There is no gluten-free beer in littleWaitroses.  But I get those in once a month with the toilet cleanser.

In other words, I can live with that. But just as the goats milk has now turned up, I feel that if too many complain, adjustments to the stocking policy will happen.

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New Lifts At Camden Road

Stannah have been working hard again and new lifts have now been installed at Camden Road station on the Overground.

It couldn’t have been the easiest job, but despite that, the fitting of the lifts into the ground floor, seems to have been done in a manner which shows due respect to the building.

Let’s hope that more and more stations get the Stannah treatment! Especially those dreadful ones down the Lea Valley like Bruce Grove, White Hart Lane, Stoke Newington and many others.

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Peruvian Gluten Free Food At Camden Lock

I had lunch at Camden Lock today, after the horse had passed through.

It was a rather tasty grilled chicken, with a vegetable salad and rice. Judging by the size of the chicken breasts she was cooking, the birds were probably the size of rheas.  But they were very tender.

Sorry about the thumb in front of the lens.

C wouldn’t have liked them.  Note the broccoli, which was her least favourite vegetable. Except for cauliflower that is! Mine is pak choi, as I got so much in hospital in Hong Kong.

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Horse Power At Camden Lock

The narrow boat, Ilkeston, was today towed through Camden on the Regent’s Canal in the traditional way by a horse on its way to the London Canal Museum.

The horse, a thirteen-year-old Clydesdale-cob cross is called Bunny.

In some ways it brought me back to my childhood, when I can remember the horse-drawn dust-carts in the old borough of Wood Green. They used to use them around the backs of the shops, as one-horse carts were so manoeuvrable.

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IPPR Says Fuel Prices Should Rise

The IPPR is reported to be saying that fuel prices should rise, much to the dismay of motorists. It’s all here in the Telegraph.

I don’t care what happens to fuel prices personally, as I don’t have a car and I get my public transport in the London area free.

But I’ve always felt that fuel prices are too low, as this increases consumption, which increases global warming. It also reduces the pressure for vehicle manufacturers to make more fuel-efficient vehicles.

Concerning the latter, I have a lot of hybrid-buses near me, including of course, the New Bus for London. All of these hybrid buses deliver much higher lower fuel consumption and in addition, quantities of black smoke and noise.

Rises in fuel prices would improve our vehicles in other ways.

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