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Ukraine’s New Stealth Weapon

This article on Electrek is entitled Ukraine Is Now Using These 200-Mile-Range Electric Bikes With NLAW Rockets To Take Out Russian Tanks.

This is the first paragraph.

Ukrainian electric motorbike company Delfast has seen its electric bikes used for some vastly diverse tasks, such as breaking Guinness World Records and outfitting Mexican police. But their latest use is perhaps the bikes’ most important mission yet: helping Ukrainian soldiers strike a David vs. Goliath blow against Russia’s barbaric invasion of their country.

How do you protect your tank against a silent by deadly soldier coming to get you with a Belfast-made NLAW on a Ukrainian Delfast at 50 mph?

I suspect a fit well-trained soldier can outride a Russian T72 tank, hide in the forest and setup his NLAW. Now that’s humiliation!

It also appears from these two paragraphs, that Ukrainian snipers are also enjoying the advantages of electric bikes.

Another local Ukrainian company, ELEEK, has also supplied its country’s armed forces with silent, powerful electric motorbikes for use on the battlefield.

In that case, the electric motorbikes were requested for use by sniper teams.

The Ukranians seem to be a very inventive nation.




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How A British-Made Missile Launcher Helped Keep Vladimir Putin’s Army At Bay

The title of this post, is the same as that of this article on The Telegraph.

This is the sub-title.

The Anglo-Swedish next-generation light anti-tank weapon (NLAW) has achieved cult status in Ukraine.

But not perhaps in Russia! Unless they worship the devil!

Seriously, though, we may be watching the war, which marks the beginning of the end of the tank.

  • A general of my acquaintance told me about ten years ago, that tanks were a nightmare for army commanders, unless the terrain was very tank-friendly. He should have known, as he’d once run the Army Survey, which gives geographical information to the British Army.
  • Defenders like the jolly Ukrainian in the video in the Telegraph article, will get better missiles and do more damage to tanks.
  • Satellites and drones will get more watchful and intelligent and will direct the firepower of defenders to the inch.
  • Tanks could get bigger, but then they would be more likely to get stuck.

My only worry, is will the death of the tank, make chemical, biological or nuclear war more likely?

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Is This Weapon Helping The Ukranians?

In The Times today, there is an article, which gives a list of what weapons have been supplied to the Ukrainians.

Included are.

But there is no mention of the MBT LAW. This is the introduction to the Wikipedia entry for the weapon.

The Main Battle Tank and Light Anti-tank Weapon (MBT LAW), also known as the NLAW, is a joint British and Swedish short-range fire-and-forget anti-tank missile system. Designed for use by infantry, the MBT LAW is shoulder fired and disposable, firing once before being disposed of. It is currently in use with the military forces of the United Kingdom, Finland, Luxembourg, Ukraine, and Sweden, among others.

There is a lot of interesting information in the Wikipedia entry.

  • It is fired once and the launcher is thrown away.
  • It has a soft-launch, which allows it to be fired from an enclosed space.
  • It is designed to be fired at moving targets.

I also think, that it could be a weapon, where a dummy version could be built that would be a superb training simulator.

  • The trainee would sit on the range with his dummy weapon and go through the process of identifying a target and pulling the trigger.
  • The dummy could even simulate the forces of launching a real missile.
  • The simulator would calculate the trajectory of the missile and tell the trainee and his instructor, if they had hit the target.

The missile would not be fired and there would be no damage to the target.

This is said about deliveries to Ukraine.

At least 2,000 NLAW units are known to be supplied to Ukraine by the United Kingdom by 19 January 2022 and more shipments, including by other supporters, can be assumed amid the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The Times says this about the training of Ukrainian forces and British Army tactics.

Since 2015 about 22,000 Ukrainian troops have been trained by the British Army as part of Operation Orbital.

Price said anti-armour ambushes of the sort deployed by Ukrainian forces were pretty much the bread and butter of the British infantry, adding: “If you have a classic column of 10 to 20 tanks and you’ve got a wide field of fire then you can knock two or three of them out and then the rest are sitting ducks and they can’t reverse out. Then you finish them off,” he said.

Note that Price is Kevin Price a former British Army major.

It sounds like a few well-trained soldiers sitting in a protected bunker armed with this missile could play havoc with a tank formation.




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Where Are The Warthogs?

It must have been over twenty years ago, when I ended up in the Clopton Crown public house, spending an evening’s drinking with two USAF pilots, who lived locally.

They flew A10 Thunderbolt IIs out of RAF Bentwaters.

These aircraft are effectively a flying-gun, which are affectionately known as Warthogs, were designed with one purpose in mind and that was to stop Russian tanks marching through Europe.

When I told the pilots, that I had several hundred hours flying light aircraft. they told me, how easy the Warthogs were to fly.

Perhaps the Americans should have brought a few out of store and given them to the Ukrainians with a training package?


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Explosive Power

I’ve just watched an interesting program on BBC4 called Explosions: How we shook the world. It was interesting and reminds me of something I was involved in, in the early 1970s.

The British government had done a deal with Iran to sell them a factory to make Chieftain tanks.  I would have been involved in providing the project mangement software.  All I can find on the Internet is this extract from the piece in Wikipedia about the Chieftain tank.

The largest foreign sale was to Iran, which took delivery of 707 Mk-3P and Mk-5P, 125–189 FV-4030-1, 41 ARV and 14 AVLB before the 1979 revolution.[4] Further planned deliveries of the more capable 4030 series were cancelled at that point. The tank’s main combat experience was in the Iran–Iraq War of 1980-88.

But the thing I remember most about the project is a Scot telling me that the Russians had done a lot of experiments on explosives and found that the reason Scottish explosive was so good, was exactly the same reason as the whisky is best.  It’s all down to the water!

I’ll go along with that!

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