The Anonymous Widower

Zopa’s Bad Debts

I watch the bad debts I accumulate on Zopa very carefully.

At the end of 2011, I had 11 bad contracts, who owed me a total of 408.24 on a sum invested of about £40,000.  That’s just under one percent.

Not quite a year later, I have 17 bad contracts, owing £428.39.  But my book has grown to just under £90,000.  That’s now less than half of one percent.

I do suspect this reduction is due to Zopa’s checking of clients getting better as the year’s roll on. In fact, of the 17 contracts in default, 3 date from 2008, 8 from 2009, 6 from 2010 and none from the last two years.

But also two of my older bad debts have been paid off. Does this mean that Zopa has a good collection system or do people want to protect their credit ratings? It could be a bit of both. Sadly someone could have died and probate has come through.

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Professional Behaviour In Starbucks

I walked into Starbucks on Upper Street this afternoon at about five. It wasn’t busy and I was able to walk straight up to the till.

Before I knew it and without saying a word, a tall cappuccino in a mug had been placed by the till. I asked if it was for me and they said yes, as I handed over a fiver. Afterwards, I felt a bit mean, as I had just spun a five pence into the tip bucket. The speedy service deserved more.

I suppose I always have the same, so it’s easy to remember what I have! But even so, it’s rather professional behaviour.

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A Boring Day

There is not much sport to see today.  Live, I’ve the choice of Barnet, Gillingham or Wimbledon close to London, but I’ve more important things to do now, as the e-mail has got corrupted on my computer. Scanpst may work well, but it’s rather slow.

Hopefully it’ll get better.  Even Andy Murray didn’t help, by disposing of Roger Federer rather quickly.

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Play Interrupted By A Cockroach

I’m just watching the Murray-Federer tennis on the television.

the play was momentarily halted because of a cockroach or another large insect.

One commentator said it had escaped from their hotel or something like that!

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A Double-Headed Wedding

These two Routemasters were parked at the Angel today.

Is it getting hitched in style or just showing off?

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Looking Backwards

I took this video this morning backwards from a New Bus for London.

On the way home, I got another of the new buses.  The driver/conductor said that they are debriefed about road safety and the incidents they see.  Now that’s a good idea.

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Red Bull Strike At A New Bus for London

Or that’s what it looked like!

Red Bull Strike At A New Bus for London

The bus made a quick turn and got away safety down the Essex Road.

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Would You Buy A Bank Branch?

You’re a very rich man and you are the CEO of a bank that you feel is reputable, so would you buy one bank branch let alone 316 as Santander tried to do from RBS, as is reported here?

I think the answer is no. Three hundred and sixteen times no!

They would have been transferring 1,800,000 customers to Santander.  I used to have my account at the Woolwich Building Society and when it was taken over by Barclays, I didn’t feel that I wanted to bank there, so I moved to Nationwide, where I bank on-line.

So how many of these nearly two million accounts will move somewhere else, like one of the new banks being started by such as Tesco or Marks and Spencer?

I’m not affected, but I choose which bank I’m with! Not some faceless man in Spain!

I wonder also how many people adhere to one of my friend David’s rules of banking, which is to bank with a bank headquartered in the UK and preferably England.

I think too, that five thousand staff will be transferred with the branches and the accounts too. How many of the good ones will jump ship and join someone else.

But these days with more and more people banking sans branch, like I do, surely the best thing to do would be to convert these 316 branches into places of hospitality?

They could perhaps be converted into burlesque bars , offering good food and drink, with a couple of cash machines to emphasise their heritage. It would certainly do wonders for the image of bankers. They wouldn’t even have to change the signage, if they called them Royal Burlesque Shows.

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