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Bazalgette Honoured with Olympic Sewage Pumping Station

The Olympic Park will create a lot of sewage and to pump it into Joseph Bazalgette‘s Northern Outfall Sewer, an elegant pumping station has been designed, which depicts Bazalgette’s Abbey Mills Pumping Station.

The new pumping station is described in the Architect’s Journal.  There are also some good pictures here.

I think he would have approved of the new pumping station, as he was a man to always use the best of the technology available at the time and he merged suprb engineering with very good art.  The new station appears to follow these rules.

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Carrot translates as Moron in Welsh

Rob Brydon said this on QI and it would appear to be true according to this page.

So what nickname do the Welsh not use for the ginger?

I always  remember that Rolls-Royce didn’t call a car the Silver Mist, as mist means manure in German.

There must be others too!

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International Widow’s Day

A very helpful and human customer support lady from easyJet told me that June 23rd is now Widow’s Day.

I think this is a good idea, but having read the UN citation on the day, they have it for widows only.  I know in many countries widows suffer much more than widowers, but let’s face it, we’re all in the same leaky boat without a baler.

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Ektos City

My mobile phone was showing this for a lot of the time in Greece.

But on searching I found this page.

Which gave this explanation.

On the Telestet mobile phone network, your handset may display “Ektos City”. This isn’t a real place, it just means “Outside the city” i.e. away from one of the metropolitan areas. They use the English word “City” because it sounds cool.

Very simple really.

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Free Phone Charging

As I walk along the towpath of the Regent’s Canal above the 400kV cables that power the City of London, I just wonder if I could use the magnetic fields from the cables to create enough power to charge my mobile phone.

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The Cathedral of Sewage

Abbey Mills Pumping Station was built by Joseph Bazalgette to pump the sewage all the way to Beckton. It stands as a glorious monument by the side of the Greenway that leads across the Olympic Park.  Although, at present due to the works for CrossRail, you can’t actually get to the park directly along the Greenway.

It dominates the skyline and can be seen from West Ham station, looking more like a mosque than a cathedral of sewage.

There does appear to be some tidying up going on, but surely this impressive building should look its best for the Olympics.

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Abbey Road Station

The picture shows Abbey Road station on the yet-to-be-opened Docklands Light Railway extension between Canning Town and Stratford International. 

Abbey Road DLR Station

It will be a vital link in getting spectators to the Olympics, as it will connect directly to Eurostar, the London City Airport and Woolwich Arsenal.

I did like these bollards to protect passengers as they exit the station.

Some Bollards!

The line is supposed to open this year.

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Getting In On The Olympics

Today, I took the train to West Ham and then walked to the Olympic Park from the other side. I saw this restaurant.

Olympic Fish Bar, West Ham

Notice that they are in Pond Road.

I wonder how many Olympic restaurants and other businesses, there are going to be?

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Do We Need WikiPlates?

I think I know London and its various sites very well.  And as I have read the excellent book; The Great Stink of London: Sir Joseph Bazalgette and the Cleansing of the Victorian Metropolis, I think I know the fascinating story of the London sewers better than most.

But I was caught out on Wednesday, when I went to the Olympic Park, in that I hadn’t realised that the Greenway sat on top of Bazalgette’s Northern Outfall Sewer.

But there was nothing to tell me, that I was walking on the creation of a giant!

Obviously, a proper information board would be best, but these get damaged and if you made them from metal, then scrap thieves will take them.

But surely in this age of the Internet, all that is needed is a simple plate, which points you to the relevant place on the web.

If they linked to Wikipedia, through say a reference number, they could be called WikiPlates.

The possibilities for a simple system are endless, especially if you bring in smart phones and SMS messages.

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