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Don’t Blame Me I Voted Yes!

Usually, I’m the one who gets blamed for everything. After all, I’ve had so much bad luck and sorrow lately, that people feel that to heap a bit more on me won’t do any harm!

But if you’re disappointed that you voted Yes to AV and didn’t win, then you can’t blame me, as I did the same! At least though after the result and a good lunch with a friend in Carluccio’s, I had enough strength to take back the bottomless box to IKEA and get it replaced and buy another four!

One of their guys told me that bottomless Branas boxes are a bit of a problem.  So when you buy them check you have the five parts and they are all strapped together.  After all, what use is a Branas without an as?

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Repeat Prescriptions

I have several drugs on repeat prescriptions from my doctor.

Having once been caught out, on Wednesday, I took the form in to get some more. I wanted to pick the actual prescription up at lunchtime today, but it looks like I won’t be able to get it, without a special trip today, until Monday. The surgery is shut on Saturday.

At my previous surgery, I just e-mailed the dispensary and 48 hours later I just went in and picked up the drugs. I could even do that on a Saturday.

It’s not important and I’m not complaining, as I have enough until the end of next week anyway, but it makes me wonder if some of the problems in the NHS are caused by simple procedural problems.

If we had a central drugs database, then on production of suitable identification, I should just be able to walk into any pharmacy and pick up the drugs I need.  Obviously, the system would make sure, I wasn’t taking out more drugs than I was entitled too or needed!

One point that should be said, is that I’ve had some drugs on visits to private hospitals.  Where the drugs only cost a few pence, they often give you three months supply, rather than the 28 days that seems to be normal in the NHS.

Another is that the repeat prescription form doesn’t say what the drugs are for, so in one case I ticked the wrong box and got the wrong ones.

It strikes me that we could have a much more customer-friendly system, that improved the efficiency of the NHS.

But then I’m not a doctor or a pharmacist, so what do I know about healthcare?

I’m only a patient and our needs are at the bottom of the NHS’s priorities.

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CFX Group

I’ve just had this e-mail from someone purporting to be the CFX Group.

Dear Customer

Your order has been accepted.

Order id: 879305.

Terms of delivery and the date can be found with the auto-generated msword file located at:


Consult2 Group. Tel./Fax.: (831) 842 06 366

The link which I have replaced with safe xxx’s, pointed to a .zip file, which probably would have infected my computer with who-knows-what!

I have since heard from the owner of the URL and they have said this.

Our website was recently hacked by spammers to distribute malware.

You can safely ignore any email referring to an order placed with us.


We are sorry for the inconvenience caused.

So whatever you do, don’t click the link.

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America Doesn’t Learn

America’s fight against crime and terrorism inside the country never seems to learn from its mistakes or build on things that have been proven in countries like the UK, Israel, Sweden, Germany and many others.

The worst home-grown example of terrorism in the United States was the bombing of the Federal Building in Oklahoma. It could be argued that if proper security precautions had been taken at the building, that things might have been different. In its piece on the bombing, Wikipedia contains this.

As a result of the bombing, the U.S. government passed legislation designed to increase the protection around federal buildings to deter future terrorist attacks. From 1995 to 2005, over 60 domestic terrorism plots were foiled due to preventive measures taken in response to the bombing.

So after various incidents in the years preceding the bombing, won’t these precautions taken.

Simple precautions, such as we’ve had on UK flights for years might have prevented some if not all of the perpetrators of the September 11th, 2001 attacks of even getting on the planes.

In the late twentieth century, I was always amazed at the lack of airline security in the United States.  In the end the good people of New York and Washington paid the awful price.

And then there are guns! The United States has the highest rate of gun crime and murder of any f the so-called civilised countries. There are now reports that those with guns are so irresponsible that many of America’s mammals are disappearing.

So what does the United States do?

It discloses that Osama bin Laden was planning an attack on a train to mark the 10th anniversary of september 11th, 2001.

Surely this small fact is a challenge to all of those idiots out there, looking for their five minutes of fame.

Be vigilant of course, but don’t give them ideas!

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Royal Bank of UK Taxpayers Is Still a Money Pit

Reports this morning show that we are still propping up this memorial to the stupidity of the so-called banker, Fred Goodwin.

There will come a time, when we sell or even give it to the highest bidder, as that will be the best financial course for the country as a whole.

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Do We Have Too Many Heart Transplant Centres?

Doctors at Newcastle’s Freeman Hospital have questioned whether we have too many heart tranplant centres in the UK.

Apparently, the number of transplants is down, but the number of potential donors is up.

My cardiologist performs transplants and other radical heart surgery. We have chatted about technology in appointments, so could it be that the reason the number of transplants is down, is bcause surgeons are learning more tricks to keep us alive and in many cases we are doing our bit with less smoking and drinking and taking the right exercise and eating better.

Closing a heart transplant centre will be a difficult political decision, but as in many things these days, technology  may be a better alternative, that takes good care nearer to the many.

I suffer from atrial fbrulation, caused in part by a dodgy heart valve.  My mother-in-law had the same problem and had a valve replacement, which wasn’t a trivial operation in the 1970s.

My cardiologist’s prognosis to me was that if I keep getting the Warfarin right, I won’t have another stroke and pehaps in te years he might do something to fix the valve.

The way things are going with technology, I might suspect that when that valve is fixed, it might well be a trivial procedure.

So perhaps there’s a bit more life in this London mongrel yet? Here’s hoping!

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Scot Nats Sink Prudence’s Aircraft Carriers

It looks like Prudence’s jobs bribe to Scotland of the manufacture of two unnecessary aircraft carriers has been sunk by the performance of the SNP in the elections yesterday. Labour voters have deserted the party in droves.

I watched the most unusual double act this morning on the television when Alex Salmond of the SNP and Annabel Goldie of the Scottish Conservatives had a forthright discussion on their cooperation in the future.

Scotland has a lot of problems, like funding the NHS and universities, poor health, too much drinking and creating worthwhile jobs that will last.

I wish the new government of Scotland a lot of luck.  They’ll need it.

I have said many times, that Gordon Brown will rank alongside Lord North as one of our worst Prime Ministers.  It would seem now that his country and his supposedly loyal supporters there have deserted his policies.

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The Duchess Goes Shopping

Waitrose must be laughing their heads off, with all the pictures of the Duchess of Cambridge in their store in Menai Bridge in papers like the Mail.  They won’t get an advert like that, for under a seven figure sum.

This country has problems and we won’t solve them without a bit of feel good factor. Let’s hope that the Duke and Duchess can provide it.

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