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One of the Earliest Places I Can Remember Turns Up in The Times

The Times today has a piece about how some hospitals should be merged or closed because they are failing.

The headline of “17 years ago closure was needed urgently. Today, Chase Farm stays open” summarises the text well. When I used to live in Cockfosters as a child, no-one had a good word for the hospital, so I suspect it hasn’t improved much after the years. The last time I was there was to see C’s godmother, who was recovering from a stroke in the hospital and I can’t remember anything positive or negative about the visit.

But I can remember my first visit to Chase Farm Hospital in 1950.  It was to collect my mother and my baby sister, who had just been born there.  We parked in front of the very same building shown in The Times.

The main thrust of the article in The Times is that Peter Carter, the head of the Royal College of Nursing has said that some failing hospitals should be shut.

I would agree.

When my son was first admitted to hospital in Manchester with an illness that later turned out to be pancreatic cancer, the place was a disgrace and they failed miserably in their diagnosis. Only when we moved him to Addenbrooke’s did we learn the awful truth.

So let’s shut failing hospitals and concentrate resources on services that work.  We should also move a lot of those services into the community as Dr. Carter says.

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Will LulzSec Target the UK Legal System Over Jailing of Joanne Fraill?

LulzSec are a group of hackers, who have broken into various computer systems all over the world, including a web site linked with the CIA.

I do wonder whether the jailing of Joanne Fraill for discussing a case where she was a juror on Facebook, will get a response  from LulzSec. Especially, as some reports say all jurors who use Facebook to discuss cases will be jailed.

How long before the idiots on Facebook start a “Free joanne Fraill” campaign?

I can’t help feeling, that this one will run and run and in a direction that the government and the judges won’t like.

What Joanne Fraill did was wrong, but then it was also incredibly stupid.  So are we now jailing people for doing things, they don’t have the intelligence to realise are wrong? In Joanne Fraill’s case, she should have been given a community sentence.  Perhaps one working with the victims and problems of drug addiction, that her actions have inadvertently made worse, by stopping a trial of drug dealers.

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Is Stress Good For You?

This article on the BBC web site, makes an interesting point.

I’ve had enough stress in my life to satisfy a dozen people, but was it worth it?

Of course it was!

I’m with Bertrand Russell on stress.

Necessity may be the mother of invention, but pressure is the father of genius!

If you have a serious problem, then think your way out of it. Moaning just makes it worse!

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A Thought About Pensions

Are the Unions attacking the wrong target in the Government over pensions?

If I look at my pension, it’s not as big as it could be and that is probably because the advice I’ve received over the years about it could have been much better in places. It has been managed by three or four providers, a couple of whom have been taken over. It is now being managed by a friend, who works for a respected institution, but getting it there involved large amounts of paperwork and slowness on the part of the previous company.

But I’ve been lucky compared to some of my friends, who have suffered downright incompetence, or were unlucky enough to have chosen the likes of Equitable Life.

So is the problems with paltry pensions, not so much the rules, but the management by the companies and individuals involved?  I know this doesn’t apply to pensions provided by the government, but poor private pensions, must mean that there is pressure for everybody to come in line.

Remember too, that when pensions came in, it was expected that those receiving them would only live a couple of years at most. Now most live a lot longer.

But if you think the problems are bad here, then just look at some European companies, where pensions are funded totally from taxation.

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