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The Cables on the Emirates Air-Line Are Up

These pictures taken from both sides of the Thames, show that the cables for the Emirates Air-Line are now in place.

I should think that it’ll be there sooner than many people think. You can just see the cables on one of the pictures taken from Greenwich.

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Oyster Cards for London Visitors

I have a feeling that London doesn’t do enough to publicise how a visitor to London gets an Oyster card and what the terms are. I was asked this morning by a couple of Austrian ladies and they seemed at a bit of a loss. So I asked a helpful London Underground lady at a barrier and she gave me the full rules, which include.

  1. To get an Oystercard you need to put up a refundable £5 deposit in addition to how much credit you want.
  2. You can top up an Oystercard using a credit card at machines.
  3. If you no longer want your Oystercard when you leave the UK, you can cash it in at certain places. Or even give it to charity!
But the rules aren’t as clear as they might be and I think they ought to be displayed in more places in a simplified form.

Where’s the Oyster Information?

The picture shows the typical information on a bus, but there’s nothing about Oyster.
It would appear though that most stations have a mchine that dispenses an Oyster card.


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Paper Isn’t What It Used To Be

I do find reading a newspaper these days to be an absolute trial, as turning the pages in order seems almost impossible.

I did think it was the stroke, but it now appears to me to be the quality of paper that is now used by papers like The Times and The Evening Standard.

Increasingly, I am using the on-line versions of both papers. And others that I don’t buy or pick up.

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How To Win a Motor Race

I had to laugh at this article on the BBC web site. It seems that Turkmenistan is one of those countries, where what the President wants, the President gets!

I notice that he got elected last time by 97% of those who voted.

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