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The Cutty Sark Opens Again on Thursday

The Cutty Sark reopens on Thursday after a very expensive rebuild. They certainly seem to have done a good job.

I have some doubts about the amount of money spent, but hopefully, the money will be repaid in extra visitors to London and also if it has helped create a new generation of craftsmen.

The Cutty Sark is one of the few sights of London, I can remember visiting as a child, probably after a trip upriver on a boat. What sticks in my memory is the figurehead collection.

It is one of those sites that is worth a visit, even if you have no time to visit the museums.  There is a Marks & Spencer and a couple of coffee places, including a small Starbucks to get a quick lunch and quite a few places to sit, so for me as a coeliac, if I’m close, I know I can get a quick lunch, in quiet times like today.

I do feel very strongly, that big projects should leave a legacy. And so, I think it is important, that this restoration should be used to train the next generation of craftsmen. I know there aren’t many Cutty Sarks, but I suspect that a lot of the skills are also applicable to other historic marine craft from Victory and Belfast downwards to the MTBs of the Second World War.

We are getting better at this sort of legacy and for an example look at CrossRail. Part of the deal to build the enormous tunnels under London, was to create a Tunneling and Underground Construction Academy at Ilford. It will initially provide trained personnel for CrossRail, but it also has a wider brief to train people for soft-ground tunnelling projects, wherever they arise.

It is an idea that should be followed.

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The BBC’s Obsession With Manchester Music of the 1970s

They keep banging on about this and it bores me stiff.  I suppose in the 1970s, C and I were bringing up children and our musical tastes were still in Liverpool in the 1960s and with Dory Previn.

When I hear the rubbish from Manchester in the 1970s, I reach for the off button.

Also if the Hacienda was so great, why doesn’t anybody remember Tommy Ducks?

It all goes to prove that the move to Salford of the BBC is a disaster for the rest of the country.

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An Interesting Point About PPI Claims

Apparently the largest number of PPI claims have been made from Croydon.

Any ideas why?

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It’s Not All Depressing News!

Clicking through the BBC News website this morning is particularly depressing.

We have the story of the all-Labour Newham Council trying to offload some of their residents who need houses on Stoke-on-Trent. That would be an interesting commute. Governments for too long, have ignored the problem of housing in the South-East and London in particular. Only yesterday, Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London was asking for more funds to create more school places in the capital.

You can understand, why politicians on the far-right have been calling for an immigration clampdown. But being from two immigrant lines myself , I can’t complain can I?

We have an imbalance in the number of houses in the UK and the number of people we have here.  The main solution is to build more houses, which the government appears to be doing. But also we should ensure that the houses we have are fully occupied.  It could be said, that I’m greedy living in a three-bedroomed house by myself!

And then we have the story about how The Netherlands, which many think is one of the more stable of the Eurozone countries is in trouble.

I could find equally depressing stories, such as how Clare Squires died in the London Marathon.

But in some ways that story has a remarkably heart-warming ending as many are contributing to her cause; The Samaritans. The Reverend Chad Varah would have approved.

So perhaps the immense wealth of human spirit will win out! If you want to contribute to Claire go here.

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I’m Now Air-Conditioned

For a few days now my living room has been air-conditioned.

My Air-Conditioner

It’s certainly made me feel a lot better and hopefully, it will get rid of a lot of the bad health I have been suffering from.

As an example., now over the last few days, my left arm has been a lot better and I can type with two hands if I need to!

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Rain, Rain Go Away

There was a children’s poem, that my sister and I used to recite on days like this.

I’ve found some lyrics.

Rain, rain go away

Come again some other day

We want to go outside and play

Come again some other day

I think, we used to substitute something like “Come again on washing day” for the last line.

It still doesn’t get round the problem of today’s bad weather.  Especially, as it’s promised to get worse this afternoon and appears it’s going to be like this for a few days yet.


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