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BBC Creates Addictive Viewing

According to the BBC, the amount of viewers of the Olympic Torch Relay has exceeded all expectations.  You could argue, that they would say that wouldn’t they. In fact Roger Mosey says it all here.

The coverage is not by satellite, but by mobile phone 3G technology, which gives the odd break in transmission.

Some are saying it’s addictive on Twitter and Facebook.  He’s one from Scotland.

Frances Chisholm on Facebook says: ‎”Kind of addictive” is an understatement. I am enjoying it all so much. Almost late for work this morning! I’m an ordinary working British Citizen, but “torchcam” makes me feel I can be part of it (the olympics) keep up the wonderful work! Will be cheering the flame when it passes through SELKIRK, Scottish Borders.

And I thought the Scots weren’t in favour of the Games.


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Pakistan Does Things Differently

If say a Hungarian, a Latvian or a Frenchman had helped the Americans find Osama Bin Laden, he would have probably been given a reward.

But not Pakistan, where the Doctor who may have helped the Americas locate Bin Laden, was given a thirty year jail sentence for treason. It’s reported here on the BBC. I should have thought they would have praised him, especially, as Al Qaida has been responsible for the deaths of a large number of Pakistani citizens. Eight Pakistanis actually died in the attacks of September 11th and they are detailed here.

So what could have been their real motive?

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Booze Cruises Return

The Times is reporting today, that booze cruises are returning due to the low level of the Euro.

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FaceBook Renames Itself

To celebrate the performance of its shares, Facebook has changed its name to Facebomb.

As I left the site some time ago and wouldn’t deal in the shares at all, I can’t say this all bothers me. To paraphrase Marx, it’s a club I wouldn’t join, just because they’d have me as a member.

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Another Letter in The Times

I had another letter published in The Times yesterday about the Severn Barrage.

Sir, Paul Knight (letter, May 19) may well be right, if the Severn Barrier is built across the estuary, as is currently proposed. In the 1960s Sir Frederick Snow suggested that the river should be divided into a high and a low lake by a spine between containing the turbines and pumps, which would also have stored energy, by pumping water from the low to high lakes. I believe that this arrangement would be much more favourable to salmon and trout, as fish ladders and gates could be built at the upstream end.

My original letter is here.

I’m now coming to the conclusion, that the Severn Barrage, may well be the way to create a large amount of renewable energy. I doubt though, that it will ever be built, those who feel it shouldn’t be built have too many votes and will win through fear of the ballot box.

I think now, if the government were to propose a Channel Tunnel to connect England to France, it would not get built. Voters would have scrapped the Olympics too, if they’d have a chance.

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