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I Just Don’t Get It

There are reports tonight like this one, that President Assad’s forces have nerve-gassed and killed large numbers of their own people in Damascus.

If we go back to Hitler, who let’s face it was a monster, you could even see some form of evil twisted logic in what he did, especially, as he targeted particular groups.

But there seems to be no logic of any sort to President Assad’s actions.

In the BBC report, I think even Frank Gardner is baffled too.

The only possible reason, is that Assad and his cronies are psychopaths, who get pleasure in killing others.

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465 Caledonian Road, London

This is another Carbuncle Cup entry.

Dezeen magazine describes it like this.

Also in the student housing category is this rather excellent example of facadism which can be spotted on London’s Caledonian Road.

i actually quite liked it.  But then what do I know?



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Avant Garde Tower In East London

This is another nomination for the Carbuncle Cup.

I’m unsure about this one, as it certainly has a good location, being close to the City, Shoreditch High Street station and Brick Lane for a good curry.

Dezeen quotes one nominator.

Hideous monstrosity blighting the skyline off Bethnal Green Road

This could be one that people like in the future. Only time will tell.

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Waterloo’s Disgrace

Behind the Premier Inn at Lambeth are the old Eurostar platforms at Waterloo International station.

They have been virtually derelict since services transferred to St. Pancras in 2007.

I suppose they must be one of most expensive ruins of recent years.

If we were going to move the services to St. Pancras, why did we build such a grand station as an interim measure?  Especially, when the French just made do, with what they had at Gare du Nord. And of course, they still do!

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The Premier Inn, Lambeth

This is the first nomination for the Carbuncle Cup.

I think the building merits its inclusion.  And don’t take my word for it, this was said on the Dezeen website in their page about the nominations.

The Premier Inn in Lambeth is a travesty in more ways than one – we shudder at its lumpen form and mourn the building demolished to make way for it.

I can never understand, why in some places like St. Pancras, we get sympathetic additions to old buildings and in other places we just don’t!

The original building was the General Lying-In Hospital.

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it’s Carbuncle Cup Time Again!

They’ve just announced the shortlist for the Carbuncle Cup.  It’s here on the Dezeen web site.

I’m surprised that the Shard has never been nominated.  If ever there was a carbuncle, it is that monstrosity!

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Who Was Germaine Necker?

This blue plaque was on the back wall of the old Dickins and Jones building in Regent Street.

Who Was Germaine Necker?

Who Was Germaine Necker?

So who was she? Wikipedia shows she was a very unusual lady for her time. Here is an except.

She was one of Napoleon’s principal opponents. Celebrated for her conversational eloquence, she participated actively in the political and intellectual life of her times. Her works, both critical and fictional, made their mark on the history of European Romanticism.


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My Shower Room Was Designed By An Idiot

If I’m being charitable, to call Jerry an idiot is probably best, but sometimes I feel he was almost a sadist.

I said how if you have a shower, a lot of the water outside the shower area, gets thoroughly wet and if you use the toilet in the morning, you need to put shoes on, as if you’re in socks, they just soak up the water.

But the shower isn’t fit for purpose. I find it impossible to stand in the shower and wash underneath my arms unless I use a flannel, which I don’t have to do in all of the other showers I’ve used over the last few years. And guess what? There’s no place to put a flannel, so it inevitably falls on the floor. I don’t have trouble picking it up, but the tiles he used are very slippery when wet and one day, they’ll claim a victim. I just hope it’s not me.

The shower too, doesn’t know how to mix the water, so depending on where you stand, you either get hot or cold water, but rarely something in between.

The sooner the builders finish the bathroom downstairs the better.  As then they can fix the two shower rooms.

I’m looking forward to 2015!

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