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And The Winner Is!

This dreadful building called Woolwich Central won the Carbuncle Cup 2014.

Woolwich Central

Woolwich Central

You do wonder about Tesco, in that two buildings on the shortlist were their supermarkets.

Perhaps, the previous CEO was architecturally-challenged.

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A Design Crime – A U/S Building

It is a common term amongst engineers, that might by used by others too, to describe something as U/S or useless or unserviceable. There’s a discussion about the use of the abbreviation here.

So I was surprised to see this building with a big uS sign on it.

But it probably deserved it, as it was on the short-list for the Carbuncle Cup 2014.

I’ve tagged this with Crap Marketing, as who’d want to lve in a uS building?

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Redcar And The Beacon

I deliberately went up early for the football at Middlesbrough, so that I could go and have a look at Redcar and its new attraction, the Redcar Beacon.

I first came across the Redcar Beacon, when it was nominated for the 2013 Carbuncle Cup.

I quite liked the idea of the Redcar Beacon, but some of the details had been rather poorly executed. The food seemed to be pretty good, with a good choice of cakes, including some gluten free ones, but many of the seats were set too low to see out.

Redcar scores highly for information with maps and liths everywhere.

To me though, the real problem it has for visitors like me is Redcar Central station and the Tees Valley line, that gets you to and from Darlington and Middlesbrough. Hopefully, it’ll get better trains in the future and someone will try to do something clever with some of the stations on the line.

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And The Winner Is!

They announced the winner of the Carbuncle Cup this week and the story is here in the Guardian. Here’s the first paragraph.

Cramped rooms with low ceilings and one small window facing directly on to a brick wall. If you crane your neck, you can just about see the outside world. It could be a description of the cells in Pentonville Prison, but these are the conditions enjoyed just down the road from the Victorian jail in a new student accommodation block for University College London – today announced as winner of the Carbuncle Cup by Building Design magazine, for the worst building of the year.

It might appear to some, that the judges thought the student residence at 465 Caledonian Road was even worse on the inside than the outside.

This is generally unusual, as I think we’ve all stayed in bad looking hotels, where the rooms were excellent.

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465 Caledonian Road, London

This is another Carbuncle Cup entry.

Dezeen magazine describes it like this.

Also in the student housing category is this rather excellent example of facadism which can be spotted on London’s Caledonian Road.

i actually quite liked it.  But then what do I know?



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Avant Garde Tower In East London

This is another nomination for the Carbuncle Cup.

I’m unsure about this one, as it certainly has a good location, being close to the City, Shoreditch High Street station and Brick Lane for a good curry.

Dezeen quotes one nominator.

Hideous monstrosity blighting the skyline off Bethnal Green Road

This could be one that people like in the future. Only time will tell.

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The Premier Inn, Lambeth

This is the first nomination for the Carbuncle Cup.

I think the building merits its inclusion.  And don’t take my word for it, this was said on the Dezeen website in their page about the nominations.

The Premier Inn in Lambeth is a travesty in more ways than one – we shudder at its lumpen form and mourn the building demolished to make way for it.

I can never understand, why in some places like St. Pancras, we get sympathetic additions to old buildings and in other places we just don’t!

The original building was the General Lying-In Hospital.

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it’s Carbuncle Cup Time Again!

They’ve just announced the shortlist for the Carbuncle Cup.  It’s here on the Dezeen web site.

I’m surprised that the Shard has never been nominated.  If ever there was a carbuncle, it is that monstrosity!

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